Haidilao Has A Super Strict Disinfection Plan For Deliveries, Shows Why They Are Known For Customer Service

China’s Haidilao Has An Extensive Disinfection Process For Online Deliveries

When we think of Haidilao, we think of gold standard customer service. From free-flow snacks to gel manicures, there is a common consensus that Haidilao brings customer experience to the next level.


A video posted by the South China Morning Post shows the popular steamboat chain has not dropped the ball, even in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Despite closing all physical outlets in China since 26 Jan, they continue to provide hotpot deliveries to their customers.

The video details the extensive disinfection procedure China’s Haidilao delivery team goes through. You can watch it below.

Disinfection happens in the preparation stage before delivery

According to the video, a refrigerated food truck transports all food and materials to Haidilao outlets. A temperature check is administered to ensure that the driver does not have a fever while another worker disinfects the entire vehicle.


The workers also disinfect the path used to bring the supplies in.


Staff are then sprayed all over with medical alcohol before stepping into more disinfectant to sterilise the soles of their shoes.


Sorters even wear 2 layers of gloves before packing the food.


They also disinfect the tables used for sorting before packing customers’ orders.


You’d think that they’ve probably run out of disinfectant at this point. But wait, there’s more.

Disinfection continues at the point of delivery

A masked delivery worker calls the customer before setting off, and once more upon arrival.


When the customer arrives to pick up the order, the delivery worker places the box on the floor and disinfects it once more before opening it and handing the order off to the customer. Haidilao even provides gloves for the customer to pick up the order.


Haidilao even provides post-delivery information

Just when you think that’s the end of it, Haidilao goes a step further and provides a customer card. This card shows the name of the sorter and delivery worker, as well as their body temperatures for the day.


Even though these measures may seem over the top, the fact that they go above and beyond to provide information in the unlikely event of exposure speaks volumes about their attitude towards customer service.

Good on you, Haidilao.

Featured image adapted from South China Morning Post and Facebook

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