Hotel Room In China Overlooks Pig Pens, S$1,660/Night Stay Includes Year’s Worth Of Pork

Hotel Room In China Overlooks Pig Pens, S$1,660/Night Stay Includes Year's Worth Of Pork

Jinhua Hotel Guests Enjoy Views of Pig Pens For S$1,660 Per Night

Think of a staycay, and a relaxing luxury experience comes to mind — especially if it comes at a S$1,000 price point.

In Jinhua, China, visitors have the chance to enjoy a more unique hotel experience featuring… pigs. Yes, real ones.

Located in the ‘panda pig’ ranch, the hotel offers stylish rooms with a view of pig pens.

Not only that, guests who opt for the room can walk away with a free panda pig or a year’s worth of pork.

Hotel room in China doubles as pig observatory

Tianmu News first reported the story earlier this week and also released a video of the room on Douyin.

Source: Tianmu News on Douyin

The eight-second Douyin clip featuring the swanky hotel room overlooking some pig pens has since gone viral on the platform.

As it turns out, the unique room is located in Jinhua, a region in China known for its ham.

The hotel room is spacious, with an interior design that has clearly been carefully considered.

Source: Tianmu News

The warm wood tones and exposed brick, coupled with the black marble give the impression of an ultra-lux farm stay.

On the large bed are two huge panda pig plushies to fit the theme and provide something for you to cuddle to sleep.

Source: Tianmu News

The large window that overlooks the pig pens can also be covered — handy for guests who want a break from the animals down below.

However, Tianmu News reported that there are only two such rooms available in the hotel.

While one room features a double bed, the other room is child-friendly with bunk beds and even a teepee.

Source: Tianmu News

In order to score one of these rooms, guests must be willing to part with at least 8,888 yuan (S$1,660).

That said, this hefty rate includes a free panda pig or a year’s supply of pork, so it might actually be worth it.

A live pig, Tianmu News noted, is worth around 6,800 yuan (S$1,270), while South China Morning Post reported that the pork is priced at 6,000 yuan (S$1,120).

Panda pig ranch established in 2021 to promote breed

Speaking to Tianmu News, the general manager of the ranch shared that the exclusive rooms are in fact, a trial run for a “second-phase project”.

According to South China Morning Post, the panda pig theme park was opened in 2021 to promote the breed.


The breed earned its nickname for its unique black head and rear, while most of its torso is white.

Source: Sohu

True enough, images of the panda pig are everywhere around the theme park — from plushies to sculptures.


Guests can pay S$1,660 a night for unique experience

Apart from the unique hotel room, there seem to be many activities to enjoy around the theme park itself, including pig-themed carousel rides and ball pits, ensuring guests will never get boar-ed.

It’s safe to say that the ranch’s novel concept has caught the attention of many around the world.

Would you consider visiting Jinhua for the panda pig theme park? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Tianmu News and Zhejiang Normal University.

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