Chinatown Point Otter Mascot Returns, Disguised As A Rabbit For CNY 2023

Chinatown Point Otter Mascot Returns As A Rabbit For CNY 2023

The Chinatown Point otter mascot has donned a new costume to welcome the year of the rabbit.

Sporting cute bunny ears and a pink qi pao, one lone mascot was spotted disguised as a rabbit while others stood close by.

Source: Facebook

Even though the mascot is dressed to the nines, it seems that the costume budget didn’t account for the otter’s tail.

Source: Facebook

If mallgoers were to circle around the mascot, they would notice its telltale otter’s tail peeking through the traditional costume.

Chinatown Point otter mascot disguises itself as a rabbit

Now that there are virtually no restrictions, Chinatown will welcome a host of visitors, with the days leading up to Chinese New Year (CNY) poised to be some of the busiest days.

If you’re in the area and looking for some respite from the heat, you may find yourself holing up at Chinatown Point.

While you’re there, you may notice a familiar sight — the infamous otter mascots that come out to play during the festive period each year.

To welcome the year of the rabbit, the mascot has put on a disguise, with a white face and bunny ears.

Source: Chinatown Point on Facebook

Completing the masterful disguise is a pink qi pao, adorned with a plum branch design.

The disguised otter is also holding up a mahjong tile that says ‘huat’ or prosperity.

Mallgoers not fooled by otter’s new disguise

No matter how cutely this otter poses, it can’t fool people who’ve seen the mascot’s relentless tricks.

Chinatown Point’s ‘Tiger’ CNY Decoration Looks Like 2021’s Otter, Netizens Still Think It’s A Rat

Just last year, the same mascot donned a tiger costume. The same button eyes, head shape, and subtle smile were unmistakable.

One netizen even described the otter as hardworking, seeing how it’s turning up every year without fail. In new costumes too, no less.

Source: Facebook

Who knows, we could see the creature in yet another crafty disguise next year. Whatever the upgrade will be, we’re sure visitors have grown to adore the familiar fixture.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Chinatown Point on Facebook.

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