Chonky Cats Looking For New Fur-ever Home Together After Facing Complaints

Whether you love them or not, community cats have a special charm that makes them an endeared part of our neighbourhoods.

However, despite how well-loved they are, these cats might be forced out of the places they call home due to some complaints.

Recently, 2 chonky cats that lived at BCA Academy in Braddell were evicted from their home due to complaints made against them.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Now, a volunteer is urgently seeking a new home for the pair of friendly cats.

Chonky cats have to be rehomed after complaints

According to the volunteer, the 3-year-old male tabby and 5-year-old female ginger used to live at BCA Academy in Braddell.


Speaking to MS News, the volunteer shared that both cats were really friendly and apparently did not cause any trouble at the academy.

But after complaints were made about their presence, arrangements had to be made for them to be rehomed.

When he took the cats for a medical check up, the cats were found to be infected with feline leukemia virus (FeLV+).

Despite this, both cats were certified to be in good health condition.

Volunteer wants them to be adopted together

The pair of cats certainly share a sweet bond and would eat and sleep together.

chonky cats complaintsImage courtesy of MS News reader

Just look at them cuddling up to one another as they drift off to dreamland.

chonky cats complaintsImage courtesy of MS News reader

According to the volunteer, they are also human-friendly and do not typically scratch or bite — making them easy to care for.

Despite their friendly nature, the volunteer has been struggling for a month to rehome the cats.

He insists that they must be adopted as a pair as he simply can’t bear the thought of them being separated.

chonky cats complaints
Image courtesy of MS News reader

And who can blame him? They look purr-fect together.

Hope they will find a new fur-ever home together

It is heartening to see that despite the challenges, the volunteer is doing his best to keep the pair of cats together and to ensure they end up in good hands.

So if you or anyone you know wishes to adopt these 2 chonky and adorable cats, do reach out to the volunteer via Facebook message here or WhatsApp message 90934167.

Hopefully, both cats will soon be able to live out their days side-by-side in a loving fur-ever home.

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Featured image adapted from an MS News reader.