Community Cat Becomes Bus Stop ‘Security Guard’ After S’pore Resident Builds Special House For It

Community Cat Gets Makeshift ‘Guard House’ Near A Singapore Bus Stop

Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to find shelter in this pouring rain. Community cats however, may not have such a luxury. Luckily for this cat, a kind soul decided to build a makeshift shelter for it, dubbing the structure a “bus stop security guard house”.


Now, not only does the feline have a house, it has a new job too.

Resident builds makeshift home near bus stop for community cat

Facebook user Liza posted about a makeshift home she crafted for her community cat in the group Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Sunday (10 Jan).


Urging the public not to throw the mini shelter away, Liza hopes the cat will be comfy in its new home.

With a customised sign like that, we’re counting on residents to respect her request and let the kitty keep its snug abode.

Singaporeans helping to shelter cats from the rain

Liza’s heartwarming gesture for her community cat isn’t the only one we’ve seen recently.

Ever since our monsoon season began, many have taken to Facebook to show the little houses their community cats have been taking comfort in.

Someone Made A Cardboard Home For Community Cat To Keep Warm, Earns Praise From Netizens

Some come with special designs, indicating the rightful owner of the respective cardboard homes.


Others are much simpler, though no less comforting for cats seeking warmth from the cold weather.


Whatever the arrangement may be, we’re moved to see such acts of kindness from humans to animals.

Netizens chime in with praises & concern

Seeing as how someone could easily mistake some of these boxes for trash, netizens share hopes that people won’t end up discarding them.

One netizen expressed concern about cleaners from the Town Council possibly throwing these boxes away, robbing the “voiceless” cats of their homes.


While another echoed similar concerns, he commended Liza for making the house “waterproof” in comparison to other cardboard alternatives.


All worries aside, the common consensus was that what Liza did was noble.

Hope cats stay safe & warm

We hope that such Facebook posts will encourage people to show compassion to helpless animals in this rainy weather.

If time is on your side, consider unleashing your hidden architectural skills by building a home for your own community cat.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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