Workers Create Makeshift Sampan To Get Around Flooded Worksite ‘Cause It’s Been Raining So Much

Workers Use Makeshift Sampan & Pole To Get Around Flooded Worksite

It has been raining heavily throughout the start of Jan and we’ve been finding ways to beat the downpour.

Some construction workers thought out of the box at their workplace by creating a makeshift sampan to get around their worksite on Sunday (10 Jan).

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We are not sure if this form of transportation is here to stay but now we know it’s an option.

Makeshift sampan in flooded construction site

In a video posted Monday (11 Jan) on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, 2 construction workers could be seen using a large board to transport themselves across a flooded section of a construction site.


The location of the construction site wasn’t mentioned.

Much like sampans of old, they used a pole to guide the makeshift boat across the murky waters.


While we are impressed by this out of the box thinking, we hope that the sampan is only used to transport the 2 workers.

After all, additional loads or people could send it collapsing, getting everyone wet in the process. Thankfully, the water doesn’t look too deep.

Netizens joke sampans may stay

A netizen who saw the video said the workers may just be having a little bit of fun during the wet weather.


Another Facebook user said the sampan could be used to sell food, just like in Thailand’s floating market.


However, we certainly hope the rain doesn’t hang around long enough for that to happen.

Have fun but stay safe

While this form of transport does look fun, hopefully the construction workers took care to ensure that their sampan doesn’t collapse.

Let’s hope that the rainy weather will take a pause so that they can get around easily on foot.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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