Bishan Otters Roll Around In Grass After The Rain, Look Super Cosy While They Lepak

Bishan Otters Lie Down On Wet Grass After A Rainy Day

The rainy weather this month has gotten many of us curling up at home in our comfy sweaters and blankets.

But a family of otters in Bishan decided to bask in the great outdoors instead, enjoying the cool atmosphere after the downpour.

Facebook user Fast Snail captured the most adorable shot of the furry creatures on 3 Jan, as they rolled around in the grass.

Bishan otters lepak in a huddle after the rain

Fast Snail’s footage of the otter huddle touched so many hearts that it has garnered over 2,300 shares at the time of writing.

And we can see why, as the clip gives a close-up look of the otters in a scenario we’ve rarely seen them in.

Instead of scurrying around and exploring places, these otters were lying on the grass and seemingly napping. The larger one among them, likely the mother, was even on her back, mouth slightly agape.


Some of the pups were unsurprisingly playing at the side and pouncing on each other.


Funnily enough, the mother appeared to be unbothered by the ruckus going on nearby. Big mood.

Mum calms playful pups down & they nap together

Eventually, their skittishness probably got on her nerves that she awoke and tried to calm the pups down.


Once everyone had settled down and found a cosy spot, they resumed sleeping, with some pups snuggling up to the adult for warmth.


The endearing scene melts our hearts in an instant, even in this chilly weather.

Seemingly an otter lover, Fast Snail regularly captures clear footage of the otters around Singapore. If you’d like to see more, you may visit his Facebook page here.

Hope otters stay safe & warm in the rain

Unlike most of us who have homes to return to, Singapore’s wildlife and stray animals may not be able to find easy shelter from the rain.

But we’re glad to see that this particular family of otters is safe and sound, and even enjoying the aircon weather.

We hope that they’ll continue to live happily among us, and survive in this concrete jungle.

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Featured image adapted from Fast Snail on Facebook.

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