Strangers Shield Jurong West Cat From Heavy Rain, Protect Kitty With 2 Umbrellas

Strangers Protect Cat In Jurong West From Heavy Rain With 2 Umbrellas

The rainy weather lately may have been an inconvenience to some of us, but at least we can still find ways to navigate it. Unfortunately for animals like this cat in Jurong West, seeking proper shelter isn’t so easy.

Thankfully, some kind humans decided to stop and offer help, to protect the little kitty.


Facebook user Mdm Haslinda Ali spotted them in the act, and shared photos that she captured today (15 Nov).

Cat in Jurong West crouches against cold rain & wind

If you were out and about this lovely Sunday evening (15 Nov), you’d know that the weather was rather gloomy, with rain pouring over much of Singapore.

As some of us scurry to seek shelter at home or in the comforts of a shopping mall, others may not be as lucky.

A cat resting near a block of flats in Jurong West seemed to get more than a dose of regular chilling.


At the mercy of the heavy rain and cold winds, the kitty could only curl tightly into itself and shut its eyes.

Kind strangers prop up umbrella to protect cat

Fortunately, 2 kind strangers with umbrellas saw the feline in a pitiful state, and decided to help.

They quickly lay down their umbrellas on either side of the cat, to provide as much shelter as possible from the rain.


The kitty seemed oblivious to their presence, perhaps too preoccupied with trying to fight the cold and stay warm.

It’s unclear how a pair of what looks to be pliers got there.

Passerby & netizens moved by touching gesture

Mdm Haslinda who spotted their kind gesture shared photos of the moving scene, garnering many shares and positive comments.

Though gusts of wind occasionally blew the umbrellas out of place, she praises the strangers’ thoughtfulness nonetheless.

Many netizens echo her sentiment and applaud the strangers’ initiative.


Indeed, their compassion is inspiring to us all.

Hope kitty is safe & warm

Mdm Haslinda told MS News that the moving scene unfolded around 3pm this evening, between blocks 474 and 476 Jurong West Street 41.

How long the women stayed by the cat’s side for is unclear.


Regardless, we hope the kitty is safe and warm now, and will be able to find proper shelter in case rain falls again.

Kudos to the ladies for their kindness, and protecting a helpless creature in need.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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