53-Year-Old Chuando Tan To Star As 30-Something Doctor In 1960s Murder Drama

Remember Chuando Tan? Even if his name doesn’t ring a bell, we’re sure his face – or body – would.


This 53-year-old first appeared on the thirst radar of Singaporeans in 2017 for his impressive physique and youthful looks. Social media was peppered with headlines that pointed to the fact he looked more like a 30-year-old.


Perhaps that’s why he’s being cast as a “30-something doctor” in an upcoming murder drama set in the 1960s, according to 8 Days.

That’s right. Enough of seeing him on a screen the size of your palm on Instagram. He’s coming to television real soon.

Now that the official news is out, we’re here to add a little spark to your ‘Friyay’. Here’s a very visual guide to some quick facts on Mr Tan — it may or may not be about the drama series.

1. Stripping for on-screen steamy scenes

We believe this needs no further explanation.


But allow us to elaborate anyway. Apparently, Chuando has to go stark naked for sex scenes even though it’s his first lead acting role.

According to what he told 8 Days, it was “quite easy” for him, because he’s “already so old, what’s there to be awkward about?”

2. Here’s how he’ll look as a doctor

On May 14, Chuando blessed his fans with a preview of how he’ll look like in his upcoming role. Don’t worry, he has clothes on so you can wipe your NSFW worries away.


The best part? It’s a video, so you can watch those muscles move.

3. Disciplined meal plan

If you’re wondering about the secret to his abs-tastic bod, the method is not exactly unheard of. He’s huge on gym and eating clean — surprise, surprise.


He told 8 Days that he eats berries after waking up, then downs protein shakes with eggs and bread after going to the gym.

His lunch is chicken breast with brown rice and veggies. Dinner, either chicken breast or fish soup, and zero carbs. Cashew nuts are his go-to snacks.

4. Love for fashion photography

Despite looking like a stunner in front of the camera, Chuando is pretty skilled behind the lens too. He’s a fashion photographer.


Partnering with his friend Frey Ow, he launched a photography firm in 2006 called ChuanDo&Frey.

5. Instagram account has 1.2 million followers

Just 2 years ago when he first rose to the limelight, he had a little less than 500,000 followers. Today, he’s attracted a 1.2 million-strong following.

Chuando’s latest Instagram picture posted on 14 Aug

We can tell why. For more Chuando trivia, click here.

Model and photographer, to actor

Even at an age when many would most likely be planning for retirement, Chuando shows no signs of slowing down. His recruitment as a lead actor is a testament to this.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see how it’ll all turn out once the drama premieres, hopefully soon.

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Featured image adapted from Chuando Tan on Instagram and Instagram.