Mega Swole Chun-Li Is Also A Doctor Fighting Against Wuhan Virus, Shows She’s A True ‘Medical Ninja’

This Chun-Li Cosplayer & Bodybuilder Is Also A Doctor Treating Coronavirus Patients In Wuhan

We’ve seen many doctors and nurses serving on the frontlines to treat patients infected by the Wuhan virus. But some may find a Chinese warrior too.

On Thursday (31 Jan), video game website Kotaku introduced Yuan Herong, who is a cosplayer, bodybuilder, and doctor from Shandong Province, China.


She was nicknamed “Chun-Li” – a character from Capcom’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior – because of her athletic physique.


Video game players revere her as the real-life persona of the fictional character.

Chun-Li cosplayer & bodybuilder

According to Kotaku, Yuan started seriously working out and going to the gym 2 years ago.


Thanks to her dedication, she has won bodybuilding tournaments. She won 2nd place in the World Fitness Federation competition in China.


Her Instagram feed also highlights her passion for making characters come to life through cosplay.


She’s expressed interest in learning martial arts. Similar to all her past personal endeavors, we bet that her grit and determination will lead to her success.

Chun-Li cosplayer is also brave doctor in China

Yuan seems to be a jack-of-all-trades since she is also a passionate doctor.

On Thursday (30 Jan), Yuan declared that she was braving the frontlines to help with fighting against the Wuhan virus outbreak.


She writes in the caption,

I’m a doctor. must be on the front line. Do my best to help the epidemic.

With 342,000 followers, she also uses her Instagram account – @yuanherong1229 – to give updates on the coronavirus outbreak.


She told followers on Friday (31 Jan),

171 cases of new pneumonia were cured and 15,238 suspected cases were found.

Their team used traditional Chinese medicine and other symptomatic treatment. She assured the public that the doctors are doing their best to treat patients and stop the outbreak.


The next time that you’re too lazy to go to the gym, just remember Chun-Li’s bravery which proves that we have the capacity to achieve great things.

Stay safe, Ms Yuan!

We bet that the coronavirus patients will get the treatment that they need thanks to Ms Yuan!

Many of us are in awe of her achievements. Here’s to hoping that she can stay safe while helping with the prevention and treatment of the virus.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.

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