Cinema Seats In M’sia Grow Mould After Months, Reminds Us Of Post-Apocalyptic Films

Cinema Seats In Malaysia Covered In Mould After Months Of MCO

Our plans to visit the cinemas for a movie might have to wait for now, with social-distancing measures in place around the world.

On Monday (11 May), Mr Chong Andy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia shared photos of mouldy cinemas in a Facebook group named KL吹水站.


The photos were likely taken after close to 2 months of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Cinema seats & carpets covered in mould

The purple seats and carpets in this movie theatre were covered with a thick layer of whitish mould.


The same situation happened in another cinema with red seats and carpets.


It’s been a long time since many of us visited a cinema, but we hope this wouldn’t be the scene that awaits us when that time comes.


Netizens shook by mould-infested cinema

As expected, netizens were shocked by the severity of the mould infestation.

Translation: This is scary.

A Facebook user even joked that he mistook the mould for sandstorm remnants, showing how unfamiliar we are with the cinema’s new ‘look’.

Translation: I thought these were debris from a sandstorm if you didn’t mention mould

Cinemas aren’t the only places facing mould infestations in Malaysia. Department store employees also found mouldy leather products when they returned to work.

Mouldy Leather Shoes & Bags Due To 50-Day Store Closure Are A Tragic Retail Sight In M’sia

A scene most of us have not seen before

We hope cinema operators will carry out the necessary cleaning and disinfecting before opening their doors to customers once again.

The mouldy appearance of the seats and carpets is also a sign of how long establishments have been told to close and is probably a scene many of us have not witnessed before.

We hope the pandemic worldwide will improve soon so all of us can go about our lives safely again.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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