S’porean Urges Everyone To Stay Home & Donate Instead Of Just Clapping For Covid-19 Frontliners

Clapping Won’t Help Curb Covid-19 As Much As Supporting Local Hawkers & Helping The Needy

On Saturday (25 Apr), Singaporeans attempted to sing national song “Home” from our windows and balconies to show our appreciation for our frontline workers and migrant workers.

Although many musically challenged people just ended up waving their phone torches, clapping and yelling, strains of the popular ditty could still be heard, and it was a touching scene reminiscent of a similar effort in March when we were urged to clap For SGUnited.

We can do more besides making ourselves feel good

Though most people have good intentions, a netizen has encouraged Singaporeans to do more than just sing and clap.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (25 Apr), Ms Yeo acknowledged that clapping and singing does make one feel good.


After all, it’s one moment where one feels connected to fellow Singaporeans and united in a worthy cause.

But, she’s of the opinion that besides making yourself feel good, the clapping doesn’t actually do anything.

She also brings up the point that the same people who are clapping to show appreciation for frontline workers may also be the ones who endanger themselves and create more work for these workers by queuing up for bubble tea, or cheap promos at Din Tai Fung.

Some people agree with her

Apparently, Ms Yeo isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Some people who say they are frontliners also agree with her. They shared their views in a Reddit thread which you can read below.


But before you say “if she’s so smart, she go and do something lah“, Ms Yeo did suggest a few actionable ways that we can help as the nation battles Covid-19.

Support local F&B establishments

Instead of buying takeaway food from big chains via GrabFood or otherwise, support your local hawkers and kopitiam stalls by ordering directly from them instead.

This is because these local food establishments are smaller and have been hit harder by the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures. Hence, they need our help more.

And you don’t even have to leave your house to show your support. You can check out TheSmartLocal’s F&B Direct Delivery directory to see which local food outlets offer delivery.

S’pore Food Delivery Directory With 270+ Listings Helps Hawkers Save On Delivery Commission

Don’t dump your trash at lift landings

With more people staying at home and eating at home, HDB cleaners are having to cope with more rubbish thrown from flats.

Thus, while it’s inconsiderate to dump your rubbish at lift landings during normal times, it’s even more inconsiderate to do it now, when your cleaners are dealing with the increased workload.


Donate to the needy

Those of us who have a roof over our heads and 3 meals a day during this pandemic, count your lucky stars, as others aren’t as fortunate.

There are folks who were alone and destitute even before Covid-19, whose lives have been made harder as they may have lost whatever income or assistance they may have had.

Ms Yeo thus left links to a few different efforts that help the needy in Singapore.

Park $2 Project has appealed for Singaporeans to sponsor meals for elderly folks living in rental estates for just $3 per meal.


Its fund-raising campaign via Ray Of Hope has so far raised more than $217,000 for the poor elderly folks.


Additionally, giving.sg has launched various platforms where we can donate to vulnerable groups in Singapore, from sick women and children to at-risk seniors.


Stay at home

Finally, if we really have our healthcare workers’ interests at heart, Ms Yeo urges us to stay at home so that the number of people infected by the virus goes down.

When that happens, the outbreak will ease and our frontliners can finally take a break.

Thus, if the #SGUnited events of the past few weeks have inspired you, do consider doing more to support the nation’s Covid-19 battle.

We can’t do it without everyone’s cooperation!

Featured image adapted from Wikiwand and Facebook.

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