Clarke Quay Crowd Sings Outside Live Music Venue On 1 Apr, Police Reportedly Disperse Them

Crowd Gathers Outside Clarke Quay Bistro On First Weekend Of Eased Restrictions

When Singapore finally eased restrictions on group sizes, alcohol drinking and live music on 29 Mar, nightlife lovers were ecstatic.

They could finally return to their favourite watering holes again, and the mood was unsurprisingly upbeat at Clarke Quay on the first weekend of “freedom”.

So much so that a large crowd gathered outside of a popular live entertainment venue on 1 Apr, singing their hearts out with the band.

Soon, the police had to step in and disperse the crowd.

Crowds return to Clarke Quay

On Friday (1 Apr), familiar crowds returned to nightlife hotspot Clarke Quay — the scene of previous large gatherings that resulted in legal consequences for some.


However, this time around, the crowds had to bear with fewer restrictions — they didn’t have to wear masks outdoors, for example.

Also, there was a festive atmosphere as the music played again at the live music venue Warehouse Singapore.

Crowd drawn to live music

Well-known for its live band performances, they came back with a vengeance at Warehouse Singapore from 29 Mar.

According to a video posted on Facebook by a netizen, who said he took it on Friday (1 Apr) night, a full band was entertaining appreciative patrons.


However, even passers-by who weren’t patrons of the bar were drawn towards it, probably starved of hearing live music in any form since the pandemic started.

Soon, a crowd was lingering in the open space and passageways outside the bar, enjoying its music.

They were also singing and swaying along to the strains of a cheesy Backstreet Boys hit, “I Want It That Way”.


Many in the crowd were also lifting their arms like they were at a concert — creating quite a party atmosphere.


Police arrive to disperse crowd

Suddenly, a high-pitched whistle could be heard, causing some people to look around anxiously.


A bald man then came out of the bar, mentioning something about the police and telling those assembled outside, “Please go!”


Shortly after, a group of police officers, including many in riot gear, turn up just as the song ends.


They’re seen calmly but firmly dispersing the crowd outside Warehouse. Some booing can be heard, but it’s uncertain who’s doing it from the video.


The officers then make their presence felt by continuing to monitor the situation.


Onlookers were obstructing passageway

Policemen and officers from the Special Operations Command were on the scene at about 10.45pm on Friday (1 Apr), reported AsiaOne.

The officers helped to disperse onlookers as they were obstructing the passageway in front of Warehouse.


Other videos posted on TikTok showed the area outside the bar packed with people, including a group singing along, aptly, to Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”.


Of course, the effervescent crowd included the bar’s patrons, who were also seen dancing along to the music.


Remember to party responsibly

This weekend would’ve been a much-needed release for Singaporeans who’ve sorely missed the nightlife scene.

However, as we’re rediscovering long-lost pleasures, do remember to party responsibly.

While nobody’s begrudging you some enjoyment, you might want to refrain from obstructing public passageways.

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Featured images adapted from YK See on Facebook and @dronemecrazy on TikTok.

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