CNB Seizes Drugs Worth $423,000 On 11 Aug, Including 14,970 Erimin-5 tablets

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) was busy on Tuesday (11 Aug).

In raids on 3 different locations, CNB officers seized about $423,000 worth of drugs.

They also arrested 6 people — 5 Singaporeans and 1 Malaysian aged from 25 to 60.


Assorted amount of drugs & cash

According to a Facebook post as well as a media release on the CNB website on Wednesday (12 Aug), the CNB said it seized assorted amounts of drugs and cash from 3 different locations.

The haul was as follows:

  1. 608g of ‘Ice’
  2. About 9g of heroin
  3. 14,970 Erimin-5 tablets
  4. About 2g of ketamine
  5. 3 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets
  6. Cash amounting to $7,600

Location 1: Unit in Geylang

On Tuesday (11 Aug) evening, a unit on Geylang Lorong 4 was raid by the CNB.

There, they found 33 cartons and 6 packs of contraband cigarettes. They also found 3 packets containing about 45g of ‘Ice’ in a locker.


They arrested 3 people: a 60-year-old Singaporean, 49-year-old Singaporean and 40-year-old Malaysian, all men.

Location 2: Car near Jalan Besar

Next, they arrested 2 men aged 25 and 35 — both Singaporeans.

They were found in a car driven by the 25-year-old near Jalan Besar.

The 25-year-old had cash amounting to $7,600, while the 35-year-old had an assortment of drugs:

  1. About 7g of ‘Ice’
  2. About 9g of heroin
  3. 1,000 Erimin-5 tablets
  4. 3 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets

Location 3: Hotel in Beach Road

The CNB officers then brought the 25-year-old man to a hotel near Beach Road.

There, they found:

  1. About 556g of ‘Ice’
  2. 13,970 Erimin-5 tablets
  3. About 2g of ketamine

They also found a 27-year-old Singaporean woman, and arrested her.


Don’t do drugs

Although the almost 15,000 Erimin-5 tablets will surely raise eyebrows, the CNB focused on the large amount of ‘Ice’ it seized.

The 608g of ‘Ice’ is enough to sustain about 347 drug abusers for 1 week, it said.

While investigations into the 6 suspects are ongoing, the message from the latest raid is clear: Don’t do drugs.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.