Coco Lee Cries Over Leg Pain In Another Leaked Audio, Fans Saddened By Her Voice

Coco Lee Heard Crying In Pain Due To Leg Condition In Leaked Audio

A heartbreaking soundbite of late singer Coco Lee crying due to her leg pain has surfaced.

In the short voice message, Coco begs a friend to call her back as she feels her condition worsening. It was so bad that she even broke down into wails at one point.

The leak alleged that this call happened after a fall on reality singing competition ‘Sing! China’.

Coco Lee leg pain

Source: Weibo

This follows another audio leak, where she ranted about the mistreatment she supposedly experienced on the show.

Fans and netizens who came across the audio expressed sadness and shock, realising how much the late star suffered before her passing.

Coco Lee left voice message for friend, told them about severe leg pain

On Wednesday (30 Aug), a short audio message supposedly from the late Coco Lee surfaced on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Clocking in at only 37 seconds, the audio appears to have been a voice message Coco left for a friend telling them to call her back.

Coco’s voice trembles as she tells her friend about the pain she felt in her leg. Prior to her passing, Coco had to undergo leg surgery and learn to walk again due to an existing condition.

She started the voice message in Mandarin, “Hello, dear. If you’re free now, I am awake. Can you please call me?”

Then, her voice started trembling as she said, “My leg, my leg feels really bad.” At this point, she could not help but let out a whimper.

Source: Weibo

However, she clarified to the friend that she did not mean to convey anything negative. Even in pain, it seemed that she did not want to affect her friend’s mood by giving them bad news.

“It just feels so bad,” she cried.

I can’t sleep, I can’t sit, I can’t walk. It’s really bad now.

The most heartwrenching part came when Coco let out a pained wail.

Finally, she let out a strained beg before the clip ended, saying, “Anyway, can you please call me when you’re free?”

Late singer allegedly recorded voice message after a fall on singing competition show

The voiceover commentary of the audio alleged that this call happened after a fall in a singing competition.

They referred to the competition as “某声音 (mou sheng yin)”, which directly translates to “something voice”.

It seems to be referring to reality singing competition ‘Sing! China’, on which Coco was a judge.

Source: Sing! China on YouTube

The Mandarin title of the programme is called ‘中国好声音  (zhong guo hao sheng yin)’, meaning “China’s good voice”.

As fans typically refer to the programme in short as just ‘好声音 (hao sheng yin)’, it seems to fit what the leak was referring to.

However, it did not specify when the fall occurred on the show.

Allegedly mistreated on Sing! China before passing

This comes more than a week after another leaked audio, where the late artist ranted about the mistreatment she supposedly experienced on Sing! China.

In that nine-minute-long audio, Coco claimed she was humiliated on stage and had to perform in pain.

Coco Lee Claimed She Was Humiliated On Stage During ‘Sing! China’, Had To Perform In Pain

She could not stand for too long for one particular performance due to her leg condition.

As such, she got her mentee Wang Zepeng to stand next to her on stage as she did not want to appear with a crutch or in a wheelchair.

She reportedly provided X-rays of her leg to showrunners, who agreed to the arrangement.

However, during the actual taping, the production team supposedly got Wang to move to the other side of the stage. This left Coco without anything to lean on as she performed in pain while wearing seven-inch heels.

Fans saddened by heartwrenching audio clip

Fans and netizens who came across the audio expressed sadness and shock, realising how much the late star suffered before her passing.

A commenter expressed shock at how Coco still cares about her friend’s feelings when she was in so much pain herself. They also noted how heartbreaking it is to hear the star crying like a child.

Source: Weibo

Another user said they could not bear to hear the voice message a second time.

Source: Weibo

However, one user also urged the person who posted the audio to delete it to protect Coco’s privacy and dignity.

Source: Weibo

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Featured image adapted from Sing! China on YouTube and Weibo.

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