ComfortDelGro, Lazada Collaboration Means Cabbies Will Help Deliver RedMart Groceries, To Cope With Rising Demand

If you’ve tried ordering groceries off online supermarket RedMart recently, you’ll know how impossible it is to snag a delivery slot, thanks to the steep rise in people staying at home and ordering in due to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures.

This problem may soon become a thing of the past, as ComfortDelGro has announced that they are collaborating with Lazada to deliver RedMart groceries to customers by the end of April.


Read on for more details about the taxi drivers’ new duties.

Meeting the increase in demand

Now that people have been advised to stay in, many are opting for online delivery services like RedMart.

The online grocer has seen a jump in their number of orders since February this year, and has been working to meet customers’ demands.


ComfortDelGro cabbies to deliver RedMart groceries

Now that the Government has temporarily eased point-to-point regulations to allow taxi drivers and private-hire vehicle drivers to perform deliveries, some ComfortDelGro cabbies will be helping RedMart deliver groceries in the near future, said the transport company in a press release on Tuesday (14 Apr).


ComfortDelGro cabbies who are interested can sign up for the programme. They will undergo necessary training from RedMart in contactless deliveries before starting their new duties.

If all goes according to plan, they’ll be helping out with deliveries by the end of this month.

With the added help from ComfortDelGro taxis, they’ll be able to cater to the influx of orders better.

Guess we’ll all be able to get our groceries delivered during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period after all!

Win-win-win situation for all

This doesn’t benefit just RedMart, which will be able to get more of their products out in less time, and their customers – who will have an easier time finding delivery slots – but also cabbies, who will be able to earn a living during these tough times.

ComfortDelGro Taxi’s chief operating officer Tommy Tan said in the statement,

This will be a win-win-win situation not just for our drivers, for RedMart but for residents as well.

Lazada eLogistics Singapore executive vice-president Jamil Khan expounded on the benefits of the tie-up by saying,

With ComfortDelGro, we are assured of a clean fleet of vehicles, as well as a pool of drivers who can help ease the delivery capacity.

ComfortDelGro cabby Lim Yong Tze, who is one of the drivers who will be trained to deliver groceries, is looking forward to the training, and also said,

I am very grateful to the Company for everything they have done for us… It is very heartwarming to know that they care so much for us cabbies.

Supporting each other through the ‘Circuit Breaker’

It’s great to see companies rolling out measures and collaborations to help their workers get through this slow period.

Lest you think delivery riders are raking it in due to the increase in orders, many are still not making much, due to the increased competition.

So do consider showing your support by tipping them if you can, or leaving a good review.

Featured image adapted from ComfortDelGro and GeekCulture