Connect@Changi Will Let Travellers Have Meetings Here & Close Deals Safely

Business travel, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, was a big part of Singapore’s economy. Many travellers would come to Singapore to close deals and make decisions that can cost millions.

As Singapore looks to rebound its economy and get more travellers coming back, a new facility for such travellers, Connect@Changi, has opened.

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Not only will they not need to serve a Stay-Home Notice (SHN), they’ll also be able to meet other travellers physically instead of over Zoom.

The catch? Travellers will have to take several Covid-19 tests throughout their stay. But it’s perhaps a small price to pay for the privilege of meeting business partners in person.

Connect@Changi will let travellers conduct meetings safely

The facility is located just a stone’s throw away from Changi Airport, at the Singapore EXPO & Max Atria.

Travellers will be ferried straight from the airport, and receive short-stay accommodation with WiFi as well as meals.

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If they need a place to ponder over their strategies before a meeting, there are courtyards available with park-like settings.

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That said, Singapore-based visitors won’t require testing when using the facility as they’ll be completely separated from foreign travellers.

Measures to prevent contact with others

To minimise contact with frontline staff, there’ll be various no-contact measures.

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For example, meals will be delivered to pre-installed shelves which are outside guest rooms. Meeting rooms will also be self-service.

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Book Connect@Changi room from $384

You can book a room at the facility from $384, although this will include the following:

  • 3 meals
  • Complimentary mini-bar
  • Toiletries
  • WiFi
  • Two-way airport transfer
  • COVID-19 tests required during the course of the stay

The meeting rooms are also separately charged, and you can book them through the Connect@Changi mobile app.

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The location being close to Changi Airport will hopefully make business travel smooth and fuss-free.


Address: 9 Somapah Road, Singapore 487370
Contact number:+65 6982 7611

Helping business travellers connect physically

One of the companies who will begin using the facilities is Advanced MedTech.

Lee Weikang, Senior Director, Business Development at Advanced MedTech said that in-person meetings will allow tangible connections as well as bond renewal for a globally-diverse team.

They plan to hold a global senior leadership meeting of up to 30 executives there.

There are certainly things that Zoom meetings cannot replicate, and the facility hopes to bring these physical connections back to visitors safely.

At the same time, Singapore will be able to offer herself as a business hub for meetings and events, which will help the aviation sector recover as well.

To make a booking and for further enquiries, you can visit this website.

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Featured image courtesy of Connect@Changi.