Pregnant S’porean Gets Covid-19 After Europe Trip, Baby Born Possibly Immune To The Virus

Singaporean Baby With Covid-19 Antibodies May Be Immune To Virus

The Covid-19 pandemic first reached its peak in Europe back in March.

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At that time, Mrs Ng-Chan and her family were on a family vacation there. Upon returning here, she and several other members tested positive for Covid-19.

She gave birth to a baby boy in Nov, who thankfully was not only healthy, but carries Covid-19 antibodies.

The Straits Times (ST) reports that this suggests the baby’s likely immunity to the virus.

Baby born with Covid-19 antibodies may be immune to virus

According to ST, Mrs Ng-Chan gave birth to her second child, Aldrin, on 7 Nov.

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Tears of joy were shed as Aldrin was not only born free of the Covid-19 virus, but he also reportedly had antibodies against it.

This points to a high likelihood that he’s immune to the virus.

Doctors believe that this was due to the transfer of antibodies from Mrs Ng-Chan to her baby.

Contracted Covid-19 10 weeks into pregnancy

Mrs Ng-Chan was diagnosed with Covid-19 10 weeks into her pregnancy.


Back in March, the family had returned home from a vacation in Europe to find that Mrs Ng-Chan, her mother, and daughter have all contracted the virus. Despite going on the same trip, her husband and father managed to escape infection.

According to ST, Mrs Ng-Chan’s mother had a close brush with death. The 58-year-old was in hospital for 4 months, and spent 29 days on a life support machine.

Thankfully, the infection was kinder on Mrs Ng-Chan and her daughter who were discharged slightly after 2 weeks.

At the time of her infection, Mrs Ng-Chan didn’t worry too much about her soon-to-be-born child as she read that the transmission risk from mother to fetus is very low.

Uncommon for pregnant mums to pass virus to babies

Baby Aldrin is just one of the few others in Singapore born to women who had Covid-19 while pregnant, reported ST.

Another mother, Mrs Ling, had tested positive for Covid-19 36 weeks into her pregnancy back in March. Her baby, delivered on 26 Apr, is possibly the first born in Singapore with Covid-19 antibodies.


While current evidence show no risks of transmission, an NUH spokesperson told ST that babies born to women who have recovered from Covid-19 get a comprehensive assessment by a team of doctors nonetheless.


The number of such cases are “very low” at KK Hospital, and a spokesperson told ST that results so far have emerged negative.

Hope family remains safe & healthy

Mrs Ng-Chan expressed that she feels very blessed to have delivered a healthy baby, despite the Covid-19 diagnosis at the first trimester, the most unstable stage of pregnancy.

With the birth of baby Aldrin, she heaves a sigh of relief at the conclusion of her dramatic Covid-19 journey.

Congratulations to Mrs Ng-Chan and her family for their newest addition.

We hope the family remains safe and healthy even as the country continues its battle against the Coronavirus.

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