IMM & Popular Bookstore In Jurong Point Visited By Covid-19 Cases

Although Covid-19 community cases are going down in Singapore, dropping to just 2 on average, the possibility of spread still exists.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) added POPULAR bookstore and a mall to the list of places visited by Covid-19 cases while infected on Wednesday (5 Aug).

You can view the full list here.

Covid-19 cases visited POPULAR in Jurong Point, IMM

A Covid-19 case visited IMM (2 Jurong East Street 21) from 8.15-8.45pm on Wednesday (22 Jul).


MOH didn’t specify which places the case visited within the mall — perhaps they didn’t have that information.

The other location was POPULAR bookstore, located in Jurong Point, on Sunday (26 Jul).


They were there from 12.05-2.30pm.

No need to avoid places

MOH said that close contacts of the cases have been notifed, so the list is more of a PSA and precaution.

If you happen to have been at the locations on the same date and time, you’re advised to monitor your health for 14 days from the day of visit.

See a doctor if you feel unwell or have symptoms of acute respiratory infection, and let them know about your exposure history.

There’s no need to avoid the places as they’ll have been cleaned and disinfected by management.

Keep vigilant despite low community numbers

The lower community case numbers don’t mean that we should be complacent.

If we do go out, do remember to check-in at any locations you visit, so that contact tracers can do their job.

Keep to safe distancing guidelines, so that we can remain safe as the economy reopens.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Wikimedia Commons.