S’pore Website Has Most Updated Covid-19 Measures For Confused Folks Who Aren’t Sure

Website Shows You Updated Covid-19 Measures In One Space

The Government has sought to adapt to the ever-changing situation regarding Covid-19 measures in the past year and a half.

This has resulted in rules being changed quickly – sometimes within days – leading to confusion among many.

But now a solution exists for those who simply want to find out about the latest measures without sifting through the gov.sg site.

For those who are figuring out how to organise their next dinner outing or wedding, look no further than this website, safedistancing.sg.


Designed by Jason Leow, the website will help you keep up with the latest Covid-19 measures easily.

Safedistancing.sg has updated Covid-19 measures and advisories

The website features, with the click of a red button, the measures that are in place at the moment.

MS News also found that the site is fully mobile-compatible, so you quite literally have the measures at the tip of your fingers.

From there, the measures are split into different filter tags to get to the measures you want to look at.


For example, at hawker centres and coffee shops, only 2 people are allowed to dine in.

This applies regardless of vaccination status.


All info is taken from the relevant authorities’ websites, such as gov.sg and the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website.

The measures are also available in Singapore’s 4 official languages.

Created website due to difficulty in finding latest measures

According to Mr Leow, he created the website as a National Day present as he had trouble finding the latest measures in a single place.

He stated that he’d do a Google search “but end up getting confused by the outdated news articles and past (Government) press releases”.

It’s probably an issue that others have encountered as well, he figured.

With no easy-to-remember link to remember, Mr Leow thus made one himself, even registering his own domain for that purpose.

Useful link for the confused

For those who are regularly confuzzled at the ever-changing measures, you can now simply head to safedistancing.sg to get the info you need.

With Singapore embarking on a 4-stage road map to reopen the country, we’re sure we’ll have to refer to the site more often in the next few months.

So you can bookmark it, or since the link is easy enough to recall, you can have easy access as well.

Kudos to Mr Leow for creating the site. It turns out that when a problem exists, one simply has to solve it.

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Featured image adapted from Safedistancing.sg.

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