S’poreans On Forced No-Pay Leave To Get Up To $800 Monthly, As Covid-19 Support Grant Is Extended

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More S’poreans & PRs Affected By Covid-19 Can Apply For Grant, Including Those Whose Pay Was Cut

As the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ‘Circuit Breaker’ implemented to contain it, has affected the jobs and financial situation of many people in Singapore.

To soften the blow, the Covid-19 Support Grant helps Singaporeans and permanent residents who have lost their jobs due to the outbreak.

Now, the scheme will be expanded, so that more people can get the up to $800 monthly for 3 months.

Those who have been put on no-pay leave or had their pay cut due to Covid-19 will now be eligible for the aid, said Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee.

More support for Singaporeans during Covid-19 crisis

In a Facebook post late on Thursday (30 Apr) night, Mr Lee said that the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has extended the grant as it recognises that Singaporeans may need more support, as the extension of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ till 1 Jun affects the earnings of more companies.

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If you’re in need of financial assistance, here’s what you need to know.

Who will be helped by the Covid-19 Support Grant?

The Covid-19 Support Grant will support Singaporeans and PRs who are aged 16 and above, and fall into three groups:

  • They are unemployed as they have been retrenched or their contract has been terminated.
  • They are employees who have been put on involuntary no-pay leave (NPL) for three consecutive months.
  • They are employees who have suffered a salary reduction of at least 30% for three consecutive months.

These salary or employment changes must have occurred after 23 Jan, when the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Singapore.

Other eligibility criteria

Note that there are other eligibility criteria:

  • Eligible applicants must have a prior gross monthly household income of not more than $10,000, or a monthly per capita income of not more than $3,100.
  • The property they live in must also have an annual value of not more than $21,000.
  • They can’t be an existing beneficiary of ComCare assistance.
  • They can’t be an existing beneficiary of the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS).

Full-time National Servicemen, interns, and self-employed persons such as taxi or private-hire drivers, insurance agents and delivery persons are not also not eligible, said Mr Lee, and self-employed persons may apply for SIRS.

For more questions on eligibility, do check MSF’s press release on the grant and the FAQs on its website.

Up to $2,400 given to those unemployed or on NPL

The help that will be given by the Covid is comprehensive.

Those who are unemployed or on involuntary NPL will get up to $800 a month for three months, meaning they may get a total of $2,400.


And the help given will not just be monetary.

Those reeling from their sudden unemployment may also get training support from the Employment and Employability Institute or Workforce Singapore.

Meanwhile, those on involuntary NPL can take courses subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore.


Those who have had their salaries cut will get up to $500 per month for three months, meaning they may get a total of $1,500.

Prepare for your application for Covid-19 Support Grant

Eligible applicants may apply at go.gov.sg/CSG when the website goes “live”.

If you’re unemployed or on NPL, apply for the grant from Monday (4 May).

If your salary was cut, apply for the grant from 11 May.

In the meantime, do prepare the following support documents:

  • Bank statements
  • Proof of last-drawn monthly salary (i.e. last payslip or CPF contribution statement)
  • Proof of unemployment, reduced monthly salary or involuntary NPL (i.e. letter from company)
  • Copy of CHAS Blue or Orange card (only if available)


Other forms of financial assistance

Don’t fret if you’re not qualified for the Covid-19 Support Grant.

The ComCare Short-to-Medium-Term Assistance or Long-Term Assistance scheme will be automatically extended for 6 months for those whose assistance is ending between now and July. Families can seek to increase their assistance, and those who are newly placed on the scheme will get at least six months of help.

In the past month, MSF has also launched several schemes to ensure Singaporeans will be financially secure during this period.

On 7 Apr, MS News reported that Singaporeans who are in need can apply for a one-time Temporary Relief Fund of $500.

$500 Temporary Relief Fund “Cheats” Are Doing So At The Expense Of The Needy, Says Minister Desmond Lee

Meanwhile, self-employed workers such as freelancers and taxi drivers can get $1,000 a month for 9 months under SIRS.

Self-Employed Workers To Get $1,000/Month For 9 Months After Covid-19 Imperils Their Rice Bowls

Helping people get back on their feet

We appreciate the MSF having so many schemes to keep us afloat during these tough times.

Thanks to the assistance, many will be able to afford basic needs and stay indoors until the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period ends.

Those that need help for lodging their applications can contact MSF through their email Ask_SSO@msf.gov.sg or call the ComCare hotline at 1800-222-0000.

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