18 Covid-19 Cases On 17 Sep

It’s been a long fight against Covid-19, and we don’t know when a resurgence might happen. But we’re doing our best to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The Ministry of Health announced that there are 18 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday (17 Sep), including 1 in the community and 2 from imports.

All cases from yesterday (16 Sep) were asymptomatic.

Covid-19 cases in the community on 17 Sep

There was 1 case reported in the community, a Work Pass holder.

Yesterday’s cases were also both Work Permit holders, detected through routine screening.

The average number of cases has remained at around 1 daily.

2 imported cases

MOH also reported 2 imports, who were placed on Stay-Home Notices (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore.

Case deemed false-positive, taken off count

Case 57,107, a 59-year-old Singaporean male, was taken off the case count after authorities determined that his test was a false-positive.

He tested negative twice subsequently after his first positive test.

After investigations from lab experts and an expert panel decision, he was taken off the case count.

More updates at night

MOH will give more updates at night, so stay tuned.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.