No Plans To Return To Phase 1 After GE2020, Covid-19 Taskforce Clarifies Rumours

Covid-19 Taskforce Debunks Social Media Rumours Claiming Phase 1 Will Resume After Election

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of reopening, many of our favourite activities are finally allowed to resume, but the possibility of Phase 1 returning will still strike ‘fear’ in the minds of any Singaporean.


Recently, there have apparently been rumours circulating on social media suggesting that Singapore might tighten measures and return to Phase 1 immediately after GE2020.

Addressing this, Ministry of Health’s (MOH) director of medical services Kenneth Mak explained on Tuesday (7 Jul) that there were “no active plans” on doing so.


“No active plans” for Singapore to return to Phase 1

During the press conference, Professor Mak said he is aware of rumours making rounds on social media claiming that Singapore will revert to Phase 1 after the elections.

One such unfounded rumour can be found here:


In response to this, Prof Mak said there are “no active plans” for Singapore to return to Phase 1 of reopening right after the General Election.

However, the authorities are not taking the matter lightly and will continue to keep a close eye on the Covid-19 situation in Singapore.


Prof Mak urged Singaporeans to remain disciplined and adhere to safe distancing measures in order to allow services to continue operating.

Risk of 2nd wave is everpresent

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong also noted during the press conference that community cases have increased lately even though they remained “low overall”.


The task force chalked this up to the increase in social gatherings among Singaporeans post ‘Curcuit Breaker’, and did not consider it as a “second wave of infection”.

However, Mr Gan said the risk of it happening is constantly lurking and hence he emphasised the importance for Singaporeans to remain mindful.

Do not spread unverified rumours

If you happen to come across rumours claiming that Singapore will revert to Phase 1 after the election, inform the sender of the accurate news and do not continue circulating such unverified information.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused us enough trouble, let’s not make matters worse by spreading fake news.

Featured image adapted from MS News.

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