These Cow-Shaped & Hello Kitty CNY Macarons Will Send You On An Instant Sugar High

When it comes to macarons, you probably think they all look pretty similar — round-shaped and colourful bites of sugary heaven. But this artist’s macarons come in the shape of pudgy cows, complete with ears and all.

Salinda – whose Instagram handle is @imeatingeverything – baked sets of CNY-themed macarons especially for the Lunar New Year.


Following the theme of this year’s zodiac, they certainly are an interesting take to the niu year.

Cow-shaped macarons in line with the Year of the Ox

According to the macaron artist, these macarons are her way of getting ready for the Year of the Ox.

Before you say a cow is different from an ox, its Chinese term Niu actually refers to all kinds of bovines. And on a cuteness scale, we can agree that cows tend to score higher.


These handmade cow-shaped macarons are almost too cute to bite into. But imagine the ravishing, velvety crunch when you do.

Other CNY-themed creations in an auspicious red

A look at these auspiciously coloured macarons brings festivity to mind. In line with the occasion, the Florida-based artist also created bright red coloured bites with golden icing.


According to Salinda, these macarons are filled with pandan coconut and matcha red bean.

The combination of distinctly Asian flavours, exquisite sugar icings and huat colour sums up the niu year quite aptly.

Hello Kitty in cow costume for double the cuteness

Just when you think the macarons can’t get more adorable, she also made Hello Kitty ones dressed in cow costumes.


The ever so kawaii Sanrio character has taken on literally another layer of cuteness with the cow costume. Along with the ang pao in her hands, she looks like an irresistibly adorable toddler.


Serving these at a CNY gathering will surely leave your guests squealing in delight.

Creative macarons in all shapes & designs

This isn’t the first time Salinda’s macarons went viral. Some of the artist’s best works also draw inspiration from her personal interest such as the Pokémon Lickitung.


The talented baker makes macarons just a little different from, and perhaps a lot cuter than your ordinary ones.

Her creative renditions are not yet available in the Singapore market. But she gives Q&A sessions and tutorials on Instagram for those out there who’d like to try and recreate her work.

We absolutely love Salinda’s macarons and hope to see more of her creative baking projects in the future.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.