Spicy Cup Noodles With BBT Pearls Is A Collaboration Between Tealive & Mamee

Our cravings for bubble tea can be pretty unpredictable. At times, these urges come in the middle of the night when every bubble tea stall is closed.


It seems 2 companies in Malaysia have taken notice of this very relatable problem.

Tealive, a bubble tea brand in Malaysia, recently launched spicy cup noodle with BBT pearls in collaboration with Mamee.


These instant noodles are ready to be eaten in just 3 minutes, making it perfect for your late-night supper fix.

Spicy cup noodles with BBT pearls come with curry broth

According to Malaysian Facebook page Rojaklah, the Spicy Mi Boba comes with a spicy curry broth.


But instead of traditional garnishes like egg, greens, and meat, this cup noodles comes with a packet of chewy pearls instead.


The pearls might not be the largest in size, but it’s still better than nothing especially when your cravings strike at 1am in the morning.

Another interesting aspect of the cup noodles is the fact that you can customise it to have it hot or cold.


According to Tealive, one only needs to add ice cubes to the noodles to turn it into a refreshing bowl of curry ‘soba’.


S$1.64 per cup

If you are currently in Malaysia and would love to give it a try, these limited-edition cup noodles are now available for sale on Tealive’s website.


Each cup will set you back roughly S$1.64 (RM5), depending on the quantity that you purchase.

Alternatively, they’re also available at other traditional retailers at S$1.93 (RM5.90) per cup.


As for the rest of us in Singapore, we’d likely have to wait till border restrictions are lifted before we’ll ever get the chance of getting our hands on them.

Possibilities with BBT and pearls are endless

Tealive and Mamee’s latest collaboration only goes to show the endless possibilities that can come from BBT.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook