Man Cycles 16km From Clarke Quay To Sengkang After Clubbing, Pays Only S$3 Bicycle Rent

Man Cycles Home From Clarke Quay To Sengkang On Rental Bike To Avoid Surge Prices

After a long night of partying, the only thing you want to do is to crawl into your bed, but oftentimes, people struggle to find their way home.

At such late hours, Grab fares are exorbitantly high and you’ll be lucky to even get a ride back.

One man in Singapore decided to beat the surging prices by cycling home on a rented bicycle.


cq to sengkang bike tour

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Man cycles from Clarke Quay to Sengkang after clubbing

In a short clip, TikTok user @oahnuj or Jun Hao documented his unusual journey home after a night out in the wee hours of Tuesday (14 Feb).

At the start of the clip, he recorded himself on a green rental bike that is commonly spotted around Singapore.

This appeared to be the starting point of his long journey home.

Source: @oahnuj on TikTok

As the video progressed, he cycled along Singapore’s roads and occasionally took water breaks.

Source: @oahnuj on TikTok

True to his caption, the video really was a “bike tour” of Singapore.

Jun Hao later managed to complete his journey uneventfully and made it home safely.

Cycles 16km in 89 minutes after night out clubbing

At the end of the TikTok video, he attached a screenshot that revealed details of his trip.

Source: @oahnuj on TikTok

According to the trip record, Jun Hao managed to cover a distance of 16km in about 1.5 hours.

As if that’s not impressive enough, he only paid S$3 for the entire trip.

Speaking to MS News, Jun Hao shared that he started cycling at around 2.45am and paused for a short break at a petrol kiosk at 3.30am.

He eventually reached his Sengkang home at about 4.15am, which meant that the journey only cost him about S$1 for every 30 minutes.

Cycles to avoid paying S$40 Grab fee after clubbing

For those who are wondering why Jun Hao decided to cycle home – it’s there in his video caption – he didn’t want to pay for a S$40 Grab ride.

He hadn’t checked other ride-hailing apps before making the decision but recalled getting charged S$45 for a trip home from the same location once before.

When asked if he would attempt such a trip again, Jun Hao told MS News that he would, but “maybe not every time”. His reason for being up to the task is likely embodied by his poetic recount of the experience:

It was quite a therapeutic journey home, nice and breezy, empty and quiet streets. I did some sightseeing, had a good workout and saved some money. It’s a funny story to tell too!

Video garners positive response

At the time of writing, his TikTok video has garnered over 265,000 views. Commenters also expressed their astonishment at his feat.

One person noted that what he did was impressive considering that he was on a rented bike.

Source: TikTok

Another pointed out that not only was he saving money, but he was also saving the environment.

Source: TikTok

True enough, his carbon emissions were only 1.67kg according to the bicycle app.

A fun way to commute while saving money

Kudos to Jun Hao for his valiant effort to save money.

Should anyone else have the same ideas, do remember to be vigilant and stay safe on the roads.

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Featured image adapted from @oahnuj on TikTok.

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