Daiso S’pore Introduces 15-Tier Pricing System From 1 May, Most Expensive Items Cost S$25.47

Daiso Singapore Introduces 15-Tier Pricing System Pegged To Yen

For years, Singaporeans have associated Daiso with inexpensive household products that cost just S$2 across the board. So when the Japanese department store announced that it would be charging GST from 1 May, many were shook.

While we might have expected the price hike to entail an added 7%, it looks like things are about to get a little complicated.

More recently, signages have been put up at Daiso outlets, introducing customers to a new pricing system that will take effect from Sunday (1 May).

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The pricing system is divided into 15 tiers, with prices ranging between S$2.14 and S$25.47.

Daiso Singapore introduces tiered pricing system

On Monday (25 Apr), DAISO Singapore shared the tiered pricing system on its social media pages.

The table shows 15 categories of prices, each associated with a price tag in yen — they’re further divided into denominations of 100.

The cheapest product falls under the hot pink category, which costs S$2.14 with GST.

The most expensive products are coloured dark peach orange, which will set customers back a whopping S$23.33 and S$25.47. The new prices will take effect from Sunday (1 May).

Daiso also took the opportunity to thank customers for their understanding and support.

New price tags spotted as early as 20 Apr

The colourful table was seen as early as last Wednesday (20 Apr). Netizens in the Daiso Singapore Facebook group also spotted some products with separate price tags.

These ceramics cups, which cost just S$2 at the time of writing, will double in price in a few days.

Source: Facebook

This sturdy-looking baking tray will also cost S$4.07 on 1 May.

Source: Facebook

In light of the imminent price hike, some kiasu shoppers advised others to buy what they can now while the products are still at their OG prices.

Source: Facebook

Products with new price tags in Eastpoint Mall & Changi City Point

Visiting the Daiso outlets at Eastpoint Mall and Changi City Point, MS News found that while most products were still at their usual prices, a few sported the new S$4.07 price tag. Here’s what else we found that costs more than S$2.

Take these Lemon and Olive photo frames, for example.

Image by MS News

A selection of plates that come in different designs.

Image by MS News

An assortment of glasses.

Image by MS News

And some giant cat pillows.

Image by MS News

We tried looking for items that are expected to cost S$25.47 once it’s 1 May, but the salesperson informed us that they were not available yet.

New prices to get used to

Even though long-time shoppers of Daiso will understandably feel disappointed by the price hike, it is perhaps inevitable given the inflationary environment we’re living in. One thing’s for sure — these new prices will take some time to get used to.

Nonetheless, we hope Daiso can continue to keep prices relatively affordable while retaining its quality.

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