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Meet The Daryl Aiden Yow Who First Won Over Fans With His Voice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a colleague, friend or family member discuss Daryl Aiden Yow.

Some circles have even shortened his name to DAY, to make it easier to spill the beans on his recent social media scandal.

That scandal has been covered to death, so we thought we’d do things a little differently and introduce you to a different side of Daryl.

Leave the Shutterstock backgrounds behind and meet the boy who took social media by storm a few years ago.

1. He’s got pretty decent pipes

Long before Daryl was embroiled in a social media scandal, he was just a heartland kid trying to make it big.

His path to success?

YouTube covers – but unlike many of the singers there, Daryl actually sounds pretty good.

He won fans around Asia, many of whom followed him as he became a social media star.

Despite his pop sound, Daryl says that his influences are largely country and soul music.

2. He’s gone under the knife

Madam Rosmah Mansor might try to hide her alleged plastic surgery, but Daryl is unashamed to admit that he’s gone under the knife.

In fact, he partnered a South Korean cosmetic surgery firm to go on all-expenses-paid trip to Seoul in 2014.

Speaking to The New Paper about the experience, Daryl said,

We can always look better. Sometimes I find candid photos of myself taken at events, and I feel that I look horrible. With the enhancements, I can look good from all angles in every photo. It will be a permanent change for the better.

Reports suggest that doctors lifted Daryl’s eyelids, lengthened his nose and chin.

Daryl, believed to be before plastic surgery

The procedure cost a whopping $20,000.

3. He’s an ally of the #MeToo movement

Men can sometimes get carried away when discussing women but not Daryl.

Deeply respectful of women, he has proven to be a staunch ally of the burgeoning #MeToo movement.

This was most evident in a Facebook post from 2017, where he called on fellow men to be less douchey when dealing with the fairer sex.

4. Andrea Chong

His unequivocal support for the #metoo movement is also a sign of his close friendship with Andrea Chong, one of Singapore’s top influencers.

Like Daryl, Andrea has hundreds of thousands of followers.

The pair go way back – the two met years ago when Daryl hired her for sponsored posts.


They’ve gone on road trips in the United States and regularly express their affection for each other on the ‘gram.

5. He supports the freedom to love

Daryl was spotted at Pink Dot in 2014, showing off a truly genuine smile.


The influencer’s sexuality is no secret – there are plenty of posts dedicated to his boyfriend, rumoured to be a promising architect.


Here’s a more recent photo of the couple.


6. He once took more than 700 shots for an OOTD

Talk about perfecting your craft – he once took more than 700 shots of Andrea Chong for a perfect OOTD.


And scrolling through her pretty feed, it’s easy to see that perfection pays off.

7. He has a massive sweet tooth

These might be a part of client work but it’s clear that Daryl has a maaaaaaassive sweet tooth.


His feed is peppered with photos of sweet treats, among them ice cream, macarons and cake.

8. He’s had a go at traditional Thai dancing

This is one photo that we’re quite sure he didn’t Photoshop himself into.

In a candid shot at the Royal Thai Embassy, the lanky 27-year-old tries to keep up with a bevy of beautiful Thai dancers.


Could a future career be on the cards?

9. He’s a Swiftie (but who isn’t?)

Back in 2011, he was interviewed by Nanyang Polytechnic’s student blog, where he spoke about singing two Taylor Swift songs at a school concert.

His choices?

Fearless and Speak Now.


10. He holds a MacBook Pro dear

In that same interview, he was asked about the best gift he received from his parents.

Daryl said,

A laptop from my parents, a Macbook Pro, because I didn’t see it coming at all. I just randomly mentioned it in November, and the next month, they got me one for Christmas. It was that good because it caught me off guard.

The man is bigger than the scandal

While we don’t condone what Daryl did, we do appreciate his apology (although questions about his integrity to clients linger).

If you’re not sure why Daryl’s in the news, this should get you up to speed.

Let’s hope this incident doesn’t come to define Daryl’s entire career – or time in the spotlight.

Featured image from Daryl Aiden Yow’s Instagram.

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