DBS Offers Customers Free Covid-19 Hospital Coverage That You Can Apply For Within A Minute

As the Covid-19 situation escalates, more Singaporeans may be wondering what will happen to their finances and their loved ones should they unfortunately catch the virus.

Those who are interested in getting insurance cover for Covid-19-related eventualities may have missed out on a great deal introduced a few weeks ago.

Since 24 Feb, DBS has been offering a free 30-day Covid-19 insurance coverage for all DBS/POSB customers. If you are one of the few who were unaware of this, there’s still time — the offer is still valid for one last day.


Covers Covid-19 hospital expenses

DBS has partnered with Chubb to cover customers’ Covid-19 treatment expenses.

In the event that the customer contracts the virus and has to be hospitalised, the bank will cover their hospital bills.


Furthermore, one is promised a daily hospital cash benefit if they sign up for the free insurance plan.

With $100 a day for up to 14 days, Covid-19 patients can ensure that they have a source of income during isolation.

These benefits will be valid for 30 days after you first apply for the free coverage on their website.

Last day to claim free coverage

By keying in a few details like your name, email address and NRIC, you and your family can enjoy this extensive coverage by DBS.

It’s not a complicated process at all and you can be signed up for it within a minute.

As Tuesday (31 Mar) is the last day customers can apply, send in your application ASAP before the deal expires for some peace of mind during this anxiety-inducing period.

Featured image adapted from DBS.