DBS Puts Up Job Ad Saying They Want All Of Your Heart, Brain, Both Arms & Feet

Redditors Find Hilarious DBS Job Ad That Sounds Like It’s In Search Of Body Parts

Job ads are a dime and a dozen on the Internet. Normally, we’d expect to read a chunk of formal, corporate-friendly text that lists down what every position requires.

Redditor u/flying-kai, however, chanced upon a curious job ad from DBS. He titled his post in the forum, ‘DBS job postings sound like satanic rituals’.


Turns out, the job ad was for an Innovation Specialist. Perhaps, that’s what the HR personnel of DBS were trying to achieve as well — innovation in a job ad.

Redditors, however, were having a field day in the comments section as they made remarks on the choice of words used.

DBS job ad seeks a new Innovation Specialist

On the morning of Thursday (29 Apr), the Redditor posted a screenshot of a job posting by DBS Bank on the Singapore subreddit.

After some detective work by other Redditors in the thread, it was discovered to be part of the job description for the role of Innovation Specialist.


The rest of the job posting is normal, with your standard cut-and-paste copy, but under the section titled ‘What you will have to offer us’ was where it sounded a little weird.

Description sounds like parts of our bodies are wanted

The description listed wanting parts of our bodies, with clever segues into describing that you essentially have to do more than what’s described.

Here’s the list in full:

What you will have to offer us:

  • All of your heart
    • Evangelise innovation and inspire everyone within the bank to innovate
  • All of your brain
    • Provide leadership and knowledge that foster collaboration and innovation
  • Both your arms
    • Roll up your sleeves and execute innovation strategies to deliver ambitious innovation across all products and markets
    • Work alongside business, technology and support units in the creation of new capabilities and products
    • Manage innovation process and engagement with business, technology and support units
  • Both your feet
    • Hit the ground running by providing business, technology and support units with the resources, methodology and research required to deliver successful products/solutions
    • Develop strategies, run workshops, and partner business, technology and support units to deliver ambitious innovation outcomes

Everything else that will help bring DBS to greater heights!

Redditors aren’t holding back

Redditors in the comment section had a great time poking fun at the choice of words used in the post.

One Redditor pointed out how the description missed out on our souls when listing the body parts.


Someone else quickly chimed in and said one doesn’t require a soul to work in finance in the first place. As this comes from a fellow finance person, perhaps the comment might carry some weight.


This Redditor took the chance to pull out a reference from popular card game turned anime franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh.


You can check out the rest of the hilarious comments here.

Job hunts aren’t easy but they can be funny

Even though the effect achieved by the ad is rather questionable, we think the job poster deserves some credit for being creative.

After all, innovation and creativity are traits they’re looking for in the next hire, hence the job ad should cleverly reflect that.

For jobseekers out there, the market these days can be very competitive and with the ongoing pandemic, rejections can be hard to swallow.

There are, however, tons of opportunities out there still. So, don’t give up.

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