S’pore Teacher Allegedly Finds Dead Lizard In Sunshine Bread, Company Says It’s Dough Residue

Teacher Allegedly Finds What Seemed Like Dead Lizard In Sunshine Bread

UPDATE (17 Nov, 12.45pm): Sunshine Bakeries informed MS News that they investigated the affected product and found the sample to be “a mixture of flour with water and yeast”. They claimed that they found no insect or pest carcass. You may read the company’s full statement below.

The last thing anyone wants to find in their food is an extra piece of ‘protein’, and by that, we mean an insect or rodent.

However, that was reportedly what happened to one teacher in Singapore who found a dead lizard inside her Sunshine bread.

Worse still, she allegedly took a bite out of the lizard’s tail.

Once she realised what she had done, she spat it out immediately.

Teacher shocked to find dead lizard in Sunshine brand bread

The incident was first shared via Instagram page @sgfollowsall yesterday (16 Nov).

dead lizard Sunshine bread

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

In an Instagram Story, an anonymous user who claimed to be a teacher revealed that one of their colleagues had found a lizard carcass halfway through eating their Sunshine bread.

Based on the packaging and colour, it appeared to be an Enriched Butter Sugar Wholemeal bun.

A picture of the half-eaten bun visibly showed a dead lizard squashed against it, indicating that the creature may have snuck in while the bun was either being made or packaged.

As if the discovery itself was not shocking enough, the OP disclosed that their colleague had unknowingly bitten the lizard’s tail off.

Upon realisation, the female teacher spat it out in disgust.

Traumatised by what they had seen, the OP said that they are “not gonna get Sunshine, ever”.

In a follow-up post, they also shared that the bun had been purchased from a 7-Eleven outlet.

Netizens react to horrifying find

As is par for the course with such discoveries, netizens had witty one-liners ready to go for the comment section.

One Instagram user joked that instead of having a protein bar, one could now get a ‘protein bread’ instead.

dead lizard Sunshine bread

Source: Instagram

Another commenter could not resist taking a jab at the brand’s name, saying, “There goes the sunshine.”

Source: Instagram

In a similar vein, someone else referenced the song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers by commenting, “Ain’t no sunshine when [the lizard’s] tail’s gone.”

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, one commenter playfully called the lizard the bread’s “secret ingredient and flavour enhancement”.

Source: Instagram

Besides that, one Instagram user was arguably as traumatised as the OP as they said they too were eating Sunshine bread when they saw the post.

dead lizard Sunshine bread

Source: Instagram

Jokes aside, it is worth emphasising the importance of upholding strict hygiene standards when it comes to food and beverages.

Hopefully, the OP’s colleague did not experience any adverse effects from eating the bread.

Sunshine Bakeries finds no insect or pest carcass in product

In response to queries from MS News, a Sunshine Bakeries spokesperson revealed that they were alerted to the incident on 3 Nov. A retailer had called to inform them that a customer had returned their product, after allegedly finding remains of a pest inside.

Unfortunately, since the retailer didn’t manage to get the customer’s contact details, Sunshine Bakeries said they couldn’t get in touch with them.

Nevertheless, the company claimed that they managed to get hold of the affected product that same day to carry out their investigations. Here are their findings:

Upon being alerted by our retailer, we immediately retrieved the product on the same day and followed our food security protocol by sending the product for investigations, both internally and externally – samples were sent to an independent testing and investigative facility.

The independent third-party investigation report confirms our internal investigation:

  • The sample was checked under microscope, and confirmed as consisting a mixture of flour with water and yeast.
  • No insect or pest carcass was found inside the samples.
  • Considering the texture and the smell, the samples were a residue of bread dough.

Our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our consumers and we take any consumer complaint very seriously. We apologise for any inadvertent inconvenience and worry caused to the consumer.

MS News has also reached out to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for comments. We’ll update the article if they get back.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram and Instagram.

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