Delivery Rider Spots Cat While Dropping Off Parcels In Indonesia, Includes Feline In Photo Proof

Delivery Rider Moves Cat To Parcels, Includes It In Delivery Proof

With the heavy reliance on online shopping these days, customers often rely on pictures as proof that their items have been delivered safely while they’re out.

Now, imagine one customer’s surprise when they checked the photo proof — only to see their cat casually posing next to their parcels.

One paw-rent in Indonesia found out that the delivery man had intentionally moved their pet to include it in the ‘proof of delivery’ shot while reviewing closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage.

Amused by the sight, they took to TikTok to share the adorable moment.


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The video has since amassed over 8.3 million views on the platform.

Delivery man includes cat in delivery photo proof

The CCTV footage in the video depicts the delivery rider walking up to the house with a stack of boxes.

As he places the parcels down, Peipei the feline, who was originally next to the spot, starts to move away.

The delivery man is then seen frantically stopping Peipei with his hand before picking it up and placing it on an elevated stand by the parcels.

Source: @coffeedcat on TikTok

In a manner reminiscent of a parent taking pictures of their child, the delivery rider takes several steps back to snap the ‘proof of delivery’ photo, not forgetting to include the oyen in his shots.

Source: @coffeedcat on TikTok

Focused on capturing the best angle, the delivery man even repositions the parcels to take a better shot of Peipei.

Source: @coffeedcat on TikTok

The OP then included screenshots of the delivery man’s masterfully taken photos.

Source: @coffeedcat on TikTok

While the cat didn’t seem to be in the mood to model, judging from how it looked away from the camera, the scene still amused the OP, who captioned the video, “Peipei received the package.”

Owner initially thought man was trying to steal pet

In a comment, the OP admitted that she initially thought the delivery man was trying to steal Peipei.

Source: TikTok

She was thus relieved to see that he simply wanted to include the oyen in the pics.

Other commenters also quipped that the cat’s inclusion was definitely a good way to prove that the parcels were in the right place.

Source: TikTok

Another joked that the parcels reached the hands — or rather, paws — of the ‘owner of the house’ directly.

Source: TikTok

Purr-fect way to send delivery proof

The adorable gesture by the delivery man was definitely the purr-fect way to send delivery proof to a pet owner.

While stories of negative encounters with delivery riders are sadly more common, such lighthearted incidents are wholesome reminders that many of them go the extra mile when doing their jobs.

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Featured image adapted from @coffeedcat on TikTok.

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