Dengue Clusters In Kaki Bukit Linked To Rise In Weekly Cases

42 People Affected By Dengue Across 14 HDB Blocks Near Kaki Bukit MRT

If you live along Bedok Reservoir Road or Kaki Bukit, we’d suggest that you start checking for stagnant water and get rid of any possible mosquito breeding grounds.

42 people have been down with dengue since the cluster formed around 14 HDB blocks near Kaki Bukit MRT station, contributing to the spike in weekly dengue cases.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) reported 110 cases in the week ending 1 Dec, the highest this year and more than the 97 cases the week before.

Let’s take a look at the affected areas.

14 HDB blocks in Kaki Bukit affected

Of the 42 dengue cases, 14 were at Blk 658 Jalan Tenaga, which is close to the Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate.


HDB in the area with dengue cases are:

Jalan Tenaga:

  • 645 – 1 case
  • 648 – 2 cases
  • 649 – 4 cases
  • 650 – 1 case
  • 655 – 3 cases
  • 656 – 3 cases
  • 657 – 2 cases
  • 658- 14 cases
  • 659 – 1 case
  • 660 – 1 case

Jalan Damai:

  • 662 – 2 cases
  • 665 – 3 cases
  • 667 – 1 case

Blk 124 Bedok Reservoir Rd – 1 case

Kaki Bukit Crescent – 2 cases

Kaki Bukit Rd 3 – 1 case

The blocks along Jalan Damai are within walking distance from Bedok North Secondary School and Kaki Bukit MRT station.


6 areas on red alert

Thankfully, no deaths have been reported despite the rise in dengue cases this year.

However, 6 areas are on red alert, which means more than 10 cases have been reported in these neighbourhoods.

The number of cases and the respective areas affected are:

  • Woodlands, near Admiralty Primary School – 37 cases
  • Bukit Timah, near Al-Azhar restaurant – 29 cases
  • Bukit Timah, near Bukit Timah Primary School – 18 cases
  • Eastwood, near Bedok Food Centre – 25 cases
  • Bedok Reservoir, near Bedok North Secondary School – 13 cases

This leaves Bedok North Secondary School in the middle of two red alert areas.


We hope that the school is taking preventive measures to stop mosquitoes from breeding on school grounds and encouraging students to be more cautious.

Steps to prevent dengue

Since many Singaporeans are likely to travel during the holiday season, NEA has advised them to apply mosquito repellent while travelling and mosquito-proof their homes before leaving.

Mosquito-proofing measures include:

  • Turning over all water storage containers & wiping the rims dry
  • Adding sand granular insecticide to places that mosquitoes could potentially breed, and places where stagnant water cannot be removed
  • Covering toilet bowls and floor traps


Stay vigilant

Besides taking preventive measures, you should also be aware of dengue symptoms, which include:

  • Sudden fever lasting for 2-7 days
  • Severe headaches
  • Skin rash
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Bleeding nose or gums
  • Easily bruised skin
  • Intense pain (behind eyes, joints and muscles)

If you spot any of these symptoms in yourself or someone you know, it is advisable to seek medical help ASAP.

Every step goes a long way towards ensuring everyone’s health and safety, so do share this with anyone you think might be at risk, especially if they frequent any of the above-mentioned clusters.

Featured image from Google Maps.

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