Small Electronic Device From M’sia Can Apparently Unlock Cars & Costs As Little As $160

Small Device Can Supposedly Unlock Cars In 30 Seconds

News of cars getting stolen in Malaysia may not be very new to you. But have you ever wondered how those thieves steal cars?

Well, here is one possible method via a small device — although it cannot be verified.

According to World Of Buzz, a video of a man allegedly unlocking a car with a small electronic device has been circulating online.

The device apparently costs S$163 (RM500) and can unlock a car in around 30 seconds. This makes it a very scary device especially if it falls into the wrong hands.

How the device seems to work on cars

In the video posted last Saturday (19 Oct), the man can be seen holding on to a teal-coloured device around the size of a GoPro.

He then presses the 6 buttons one after another trying to get a signal of some sort.


Upon reaching the 3rd button, it seems that he has successfully locked the car and when he pressed the 4th button, he unlocked the car.

The man then opened the car door to ‘show’ that the device works.


He even closed, locked the door with the device and showed that it couldn’t open.

Device’s legitimacy not confirmed

The legitimacy of this video, however, cannot be confirmed as all these could well have been planned.

If the device really works and easy to use, we may face a problem as thieves could easily unlock your car and drive it away or take your belongings inside.

Apparently, the device only works on key-less cars that rely on radio signals for locking and unlocking.


Keep your car safe in Malaysia

MS News has reached out to the Royal Malaysia Police for their comments on the matter.

In the meantime, if you’re driving across the Causeway soon, one way you can avoid car theft is to park strategically. For example, if you are visiting a cafe, you can park your car somewhere you can see it or a bright, public area.

If you’re really paranoid, you can add a steering wheel lock or pedal and gear-stick locks.


Or if you want to play it super safe, just take public transport over.

Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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