M’sian Lady Uses Her Whole Family To Chope Parking Lot, But It’s Actually Illegal

Malaysian Lady Leaves Her Car To Chope Parking Lot With Her Whole Family

It’s not often we come across the phenomenon of ‘human parking‘ in Singapore. But in Malaysia, it’s actually pretty common.


Human parking refers to the act of standing in a parking lot to ‘reserve’ it for a car.

With that being said, have you ever come across an entire family coming together to chope a parking lot?

Somewhere in a Malaysia shopping mall

They stood there for a while apparently, not willing to give up the parking spot that they had drove past.

Eventually, security guards came and they went off, hopefully with the realisation that what they did was illegal.

Accidentally drive past parking lot

Last Sunday (14 Jul), Facebook user Mr Fidonendo Dido shared his experience of encountering the family of ‘human parkers’.


English translation: 

I usually see this happening to others, but today my kids got to learn how to deal with the ‘mentally challenged’. Need to teach the kids that we have to stand firm and fight for our rights. She drove past the parking spot quickly came out to chope the parking lot by standing in it. It’s no problem, let’s wait until the security guards are here, okay. 

The post has since garnered over 1,700 shares at the time of writing.

Chope parking lot despite having empty spots elsewhere

We first see a photo of the woman standing in the parking spot, taken by Mr Fidonendo as he stopped his car behind hers.


Then, we are shown a picture of the woman’s car, with LED signboards above showing that there are 94 empty lots on another level and 11 more lots ahead.


It remains unclear as to why the woman was so adamant about chope-ing the spot that she had already driven past.

There’s no signal light turned on too.

There’s strength in ‘unity’

While Mr Fidonendo was understandably frustrated, the lady seemed oblivious to it. She is seen in a video walking back to her car to retrieve her handphone from someone else in the car.

It’s almost as if she intended to stand there for as long as it took, and needed her phone to pass the time.


While we have no way of confirming the above assumption, we then see the woman again. This time, she’s standing with an older woman — most likely her mother.


They even brought their kids down with them to chope the parking lot. #TeamEffort.

‘Human parking’ is illegal in Malaysia

How did the story end? We see Mr Fidonendo saying in the comments that the woman only left after security guards arrived at the scene.

They apparently told her that they’d inform the police, which prompted her to move on.


A fellow netizen brought up a news report by Malaysian English daily The Star from Sep 2018, which said standing in a parking spot to ‘reserve’ it could cost you S$660 (RM2,000) fine or even jail time.

And he’s right. The Malaysian police publicly denounced this ‘parking method’, saying that this is classified as “unlawful interference and importuning”.

Be fair to others

Parking lots are meant to be occupied by cars, and rightly so.

We, too, find that it’s unfair to use someone to chope parking lots as other cars have the right to occupy the parking lot.

What do you think of this incident in Malaysia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

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