Two Men In Viral Dhoby Ghaut MRT Fight Video Arrested

Dhoby Ghaut MRT Fight

2 men caught on camera in the Dhoby Ghaut MRT fight on Sunday (2 Sep) have been arrested. A 2-minute clip of the brawl made rounds on WhatsApp before it was picked up by Stomp on Monday.

The video has gone viral since, and a reddit post featuring the video has garnered 283 comments at the time of this article.

Highlight reel

You can watch the video in full here.

The 2-minute video starts off with two men – one in black (aged 20) and another in blue (aged 36) – throwing punches and pushing each other violently.

The man in black, who has blood smeared across his face then drops his backpack, almost signifying that he’s ready for ‘war’.

Attempts by a SBS Transit Officer and a nearby lady to stop the fight were unsuccessful.

The lady then points at the man in black, shouting “he’s drunk, he’s drunk!”. She also instructed a young kid observing the fight nearby to steer clear.

The man in black then attempts to land a jab on the other’s head, but fell slightly short. He then calls the man in blue a “c*b** dog”.


Another member of the public steps in to cool things down, but the man in black persisted with his attack.

Just when we thought that the fight was over, the man in black makes a sudden dash towards the other man.

The camera loses focus of the fight for a few seconds, but when it regains focus, the man in black was seen pinned to the floor by the bigger man in blue.


The video comes to an end with an onlooker helping the man in black to his feet. But all the man was concerned about was hurling vulgarities at the man in blue, who was walking away from him.

Netizens were entertained

This YouTuber found this fight to be more entertaining than the boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul. Unlike that fight which ended in a draw, this one had a clear winner.


This YouTuber poked fun at the category that the video was classified under. Ha ha.


This redditor claimed that videos of this nature gives him the additional motivation to workout. *clap clap*


The fight reminded this redditor of the classic game of Street Fighter.


Hope everyone’s alright

Putting our love for drama aside, we hope that the two involved in the fight did not sustain any serious injuries.

Remember, folks, violence doesn’t pay.

Featured image from Youtube

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