Dickson Yeo Further Detained By ISD In Ongoing Investigations

Singaporean Dickson Yeo worked for China’s intelligence services since 2016, and was arrested in the US in 2019.

Today (15 Jun), the Internal Security Department (ISD) announced that Yeo has been issued a 2-year Order of Detention, reported by The Straits Times.

He was arrested by the ISD on 30 Dec last year after he was deported from the US.

Here’s a quick summary of the updates on the case, pertaining to his role in gathering info about Singapore, on behalf of a foreign state.

Admitted to gathering info about Singapore

On 30 Dec 2020, Yeo was arrested when he arrived in Singapore.

According to the ISD statement, their investigations revealed Yeo was tasked to gather intel on various issues including information on Singapore.


He had also set up a company as a front for his activities and to recruit workers for a foreign state.

Going one step further, he had attempted to secure a job with the Singapore government, but his efforts did not come to fruition.

The ISD is still looking into the full extent of his activities. Here’s what we know of his charges, prior to arriving in Singapore.

Charged in the US, served a 14-mth sentence

Yeo had been charged in the US federal court for acting within the US as an illegal agent for a foreign power, namely China.


He had pleaded guilty to working for the Chinese intelligence while in the United States in Jul 2020, for allegedly amassing and leaking US military secrets.

He was deported to Singapore at the end of last year after serving a 14-month sentence.

S’porean Dickson Yeo detained for 2 years under ISA

Under the Internal Security Act (ISA), Yeo will remain in detention while investigations continue.


The ISD adds that the Singapore Government takes a very serious view of anyone who “enters into a clandestine relationship with a foreign government” and is involved in actions that threaten Singapore’s “national security and interests”.

Serious consequences for national security threats

This case highlights how important our national security is.

That’s why it’s imperative that we remain vigilant, to preserve our safety and what we hold dear.

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