Lost Ark Along Rail Corridor Is A Green Oasis In Singapore

Singapore is an urban jungle. Everywhere you look there are high-rise buildings. Of course, we are a garden city, with lots of greenery too. But no one would expect that in the heart of Singapore, there is a ‘lost ark’.

This ‘lost ark’ is a platform built on a fallen tree located along the Rail Corridor, near the old Alexandra Hospital.


Standing out amidst the lush greenery surrounding it, the platform looks like the ruins of an old settlement.

‘Lost Ark’ is a beautiful platform in lush Queensway forest

Sharing his recent hiking experience, former MP Amrin Amin posted about the ‘Lost Ark’ on Friday (25 Jun) after his visit to the Rail Corridor.


From his photos, one could see just how large the fallen tree trunks that make the ‘Lost Ark’ are, as Mr Amrin sat atop it.

A quick search on the Internet draws little info about the ark, hinting at the possibility that it’s still one of Singapore’s little secrets.

Of course, more adventurous explorers have shared their journeys to find it before, such asSGTrek and Singapore Untold. You may click on the links to watch their video guides on how to get there.

But if you’d prefer to have someone knowledgeable bring you there, there are always guided treks by local companies.

Less outdoorsy folks may dread making their way through the trees and possibly muddy tracks, but once you’ve reached the clearing and seen the ‘Lost Ark’ for yourself, we’re sure it’d be worth the trek.


Deck reportedly built by a resident to chill at

In his Facebook post, Mr Amrin shared stories about the deck being built by a resident in the area as a spot for him to lepak at and for children to play.

Facebook page Cheekiemonkies corroborated this in a post back in Jan, describing the deck as one fully equipped with steps, chairs, and even a BBQ pit.


Whoever built the deck, they’ve clearly achieved their supposed aim of creating an oasis in the middle of the forest — more so, a tranquil escape from Singapore’s city life.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, here is a map that could lead your way there.

Explore Singapore’s lesser-known treasures

Though Singapore has many world-famous attractions, the hidden ones are sometimes more exciting to discover, especially for locals.

So if you’ve been feeling a pang of wanderlust lately, perhaps checking the ‘Lost Ark’ will cure it a little, as you momentarily experience a different side of Singapore.

Remember to use insect repellent and wear good trekking shoes when you go, as the trail can be a little rough. You might also have to cross some shallow water to get there, so jio some friends along. Take care and happy exploring!

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Featured image adapted from Cheekiemonkies on Facebook and shawneydepp on YouTube.