Old-School Digivice Available For Pre-Orders In 15 Colours

While most of us are familiar with Pokemon, most 90s kids would definitely remember the Digimon series back in Kids Central – now Okto – days.


From its popular ‘Digivolution’ scenes to the talkative ‘Digimons’, we look back on times where owning a unique Digivice would earn you envious stares from your friends at the playground.


However, those looking to relive their childhoods can now do so in Singapore, as this retro device is available for sale at The Collector Base.

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Here’s the rest of the deets on how to cop this virtual pet device as a nostalgic surprise for your loved ones.

Gotta walk your Digimon to raise it well

For context, how this old-school digivice works is that the retro tech allows you to take care of your very own Digimon.


Similar to taking care of a pet, you have to ensure that your Digimon is happy and well-fed.

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If you have raised your Digimon right, they will rapidly evolve into more advanced forms, just like your average Pokemon.


However, unlike cats or dogs, these Digimon can join you in thrilling battles against other trainers & their Digimon via your device.


Old-school digivice in 15 different colours

This Digivice, which is available for pre-orders, is currently going for $32.80, down from its original price of $38.00.

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There’s an extensive slate of 15 different colours to choose from so you can select any design that matches your vibe.

If your interest has been piqued, head over to The Collector Base for more details.

Throwback to carefree days of yore

For those who are still undecided, you may want to act quickly as stocks seem to be running out due to high demand, at least from the viral post.

Gifting your loved ones a surprise throwback to carefree days of yore – jio-ing friends to Digi-battles – could be a wonderful way to spice up your next social meeting.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and The Collector Base.