Johor police slam ‘do not steal’ sign targeted at M’sians, says it’s ‘mischievous’

Johor police call out ‘do not steal’ sign posted on Singapore Facebook page

A controversial cautionary sign displayed on a car window has caught the attention of many online, including the Johor police.

On 5 May, Facebook page SG Kaypoh posted an image of a ‘do not steal’ sign displayed on a car window, advising Singaporeans visiting Malaysia to do the same to avoid car break-ins.

S’poreans visiting M’sia advised to put up ‘do not steal’ sign on car windows

The Johor Bahru South district police have since come forward to address the “mischievous” post.

Singaporeans asked to display ‘do not steal’ sign

Facebook page SG Kaypoh recently posted a picture of the cautionary sign online.

The sign read, “Please do not break my window again. This car has already been broken into. There is nothing to steal”.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

The post’s caption then suggested that Singapore vehicles display the warning sign when entering Malaysia.

Johor police say sign is ‘mischievous’

Singaporeans and Malaysians have since shared their sentiments regarding the controversial post, including Johor Bahru South district police chief Raub Selamat.

Source: Google Maps

According to The Star, Mr Raub said the ‘do not steal’ sign was “quite mischievous” and far from the reality of the situation. He also assured that the police are always committed to protecting both residents and visitors.

“An average of 250,000 Singapore-registered cars enter Johor on a daily basis, and if all of these cars have their windows smashed, then we would see long lines of people lodging reports at police stations here,” he said.

He also added that Singapore-registered vehicles are not the only cars being targeted by thieves, and the percentage of car break-in cases was small and unrelated to each other.

Mr Raub said Johor police have increased patrol units as part of their crime prevention initiative and advised car owners not to park their vehicles in dark areas or leave valuable items unattended.

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Featured image adapted from SG Kaypoh on Facebook and Google Maps

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