Dog Was Bailed Out Of Pound By Exclusively Mongrels

You may recall an extremely sad-looking doggo who was captured looking confused while he was driven away from his owners.

S’porean Dog Given Up By Family, His Confused Face Will Break Your Heart

Now, there’s been a heartwarming update for a friend of this dog.

Manuka, a cheerful female mongrel has finally been bailed out of the pound by the folks at Exclusively Mongrels Limited. She would otherwise have been put down, if she didn’t receive a sponsor.

Submitted by Mr Theng

Don’t be fooled by her happy-go-lucky smile. This beautiful girl’s carefree demeanour, belies a tragic tale of loss.

Surrendered by owner of 7 years

Her owner of 7 years had decided to surrender her to the Agri-Veterinary Authority (AVA) for having “thunder anxiety”, says Mr Theng.


Tau Sar, as pictured below, was also a surrender by her last owner, citing a “bite incident”. However, both dogs were deemed “rehomable” after a thorough behavioural assessment.


She was one of 3 dogs given up to AVA during the same week as Sam. The adorable puppers had been staying at the pound ever since.

Mr Theng, who works at a non-profit organisation named Exclusively Mongrels Limited, shared with MS News that they have successfully bailed both of them out of the pound today (10 Dec).

Now, they are one step closer to finding their permanent home.

Adoption drive this weekend

If you’re interested in adopting her or any other puppers, do head down to their joint adoption drive at East Coast Park this Sunday (16 Dec).


To families who are interested in adopting them, do double check with staff if they are HDB-approved.


We hear there’ll be a doggie gift exchange especially for puppers in attendance and delicious Peranakan food for their hoomans. F7-Friends of Seven will also be co-hosting a joint adoption drive along with Exclusively Mongrels.

Submitted by Bark-A-Tree

From handmade accessories to leather pouches and dog-friendly treats, expect booths hawking items perfect for a last minute Christmas gift shopping spree.

A percentage of sales proceeds will be contributed to both participating shelters, so do jio your friends to support them for a worthy cause.

Location: 889 East Coast Road
Date: 16 Dec, Sunday
Time: 12-4PM
Dog Gift Exchange: Sign up here. Min. $15 per gift recommended.
RSVP: You can RSVP at this link.

Featured image from Mr Theng on Facebook.