The Dog’s Stomach Had To Be Pumped After It Consumed Rat Poison

Imagine the horror of seeing your dog eating rat poison. That’s the ordeal of a Joo Chiat resident this week, after her dog almost ingested rat poison pellets that resembled dog kibble.

On Tuesday (4 Sep), Aresha Krishnan brought her dog Jack for a walk along Joo Chiat Place.


As they approached an apartment complex, Jack picked up something in his mouth.

To Ms Krishnan’s horror, it was from an open bag of rat poison pellets scattered across the pavement and grass.


Jack was rushed to a vet, who pumped his stomach. That’s a medical procedure also known as gastric lavage, where the stomach’s contents are forcibly removed through the mouth.


Here’s a video of the procedure, but be warned of its disturbing nature.

As the rat poison packaging was unbranded, it was impossible to ascertain the substances in the poison. So vets and Ms Krishnan have to monitor the dog closely for the next month.

Ms Krishnan was understandably upset by the incident and thought it was only right to warn other dog owners.


She also advised them to seek help immediately should they encounter a similar incident.


Not the first incident in recent times

This is not the first time that rat poison has been consumed by other animals. Last June, it was reported that a dog fell ill after it consumed blue-coloured rat poison along Singapore River. Luckily, the dog recovered after quick medical attention.

And a male otter–dubbed one of the Singapore first–was also rumored to have died from ingesting the same poison.

Use poison with care

While home owners facing rat infestations might introduce rat poison into their homes, they should also strive to be more considerate. Discarding poison carelessly could kill our precious wildlife as well as the many four-legged friends that call Singapore home.

Our thoughts are with Ms Krishnan and Jack. Get well soon, bud.

Featured image from Facebook