Dog With Scratches Found Near S’pore Army Camp, Volunteers Seeking Forever Home

Volunteers Rescue Battered Dog With Scratches Near Army Camp In Singapore

It feels heartbreaking to encounter cases of adorable furkids who have been through trying circumstances. These animals need our help, in whatever manner possible.

Recently, a group of volunteers rescued a canine from the vicinity of an army camp in Singapore.

Source: Facebook

She was found with numerous scratches and other similar injuries on her exterior.

The organisation is now on the lookout for temporary fosterers while they find her a forever home.

Dog found near army camp in Singapore

HOPE Dog Rescue Singapore made the rescue, posting details about the case to Facebook on 22 Oct.

Source: Facebook

A few days ago, they received a tip-off about an escalating situation regarding an injured dog near an army camp. They then reached out online for help.

Source: Facebook

The volunteers received assistance from a contact with SOSD Singapore, a dog shelter specialising in the care of stray dogs.

After informing the relevant army personnel on how to trap the dog, a team from the camp lured her into an enclosed area.

The organisation then managed to secure the canine safely.

“We would like to thank the military personnel for their kind assistance in this matter,” they added.

Sustained injuries and deep scratches

Named Holly by the volunteers, she is currently undergoing treatment at the vet and will have further tests done to ensure that she does not have contagious skin care issues.

Source: Facebook

“From the looks of it, she just has extremely bad skin and had scratched herself till her skin bled,” the organisation said. Holly had been grossly underweight as well.

In accompanying pictures, she sported several open wounds and peeling skin.

Source: Facebook

The organisation does not yet have a shelter, causing them to rely on fosterers to care for the animals until their adoption.

As such, they are in need of urgent foster care for Holly as well as volunteers to assist with dog trapping and vet bills.

Interested parties can fill out the following foster form or contact them at

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