Boy In China Ate 5 Meals A Day So He Could Donate Bone Marrow To Save His Dad

Brave 9-Year-Old Boy Donates Bone Marrow To Save Father

Most of us try our very best to keep fit and lose weight. However, this 9-year-old boy from China had to gain weight to save his father.


9-year-old Lu Zikuan from Huixian county, Henan had to eat 5 meals a day for him to gain 15kg to reach the minimum weight for a bone marrow transplant.

The brave young boy decided to take on the challenge because his father was suffering from a type of Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) — in simpler terms, a form of cancer. Donating his blood marrow was essential to saving his father.

Ate noodles & braised pork everyday to gain weight

His diet included a bowl of noodles and a small carton of milk every night before bed. He also had to eat soy-braised pork daily to help increase his mass.


On top of all that, his siblings would usually give some of their food to him.

He stated that even though the diet was fun, he would sometimes get a stomachache due to overeating.


After months of constantly eating, Zikuan finally reached 48kg, which was just enough to donate his bone marrow.

The family then travelled to Peking University’s People’s Hospital on Monday (9 Sep), which was coincidentally his father’s birthday, for the bone marrow transplant.


Best birthday present ever

The boy’s father Lu Yanheng, posted on his WeChat Moments saying that his son has given him the hope to continue living.

Mr Lu also thanked his son’s sacrifice for being the best birthday present.


Thankfully, the operation was a success and Zikuan’s father is recovering well from the transplant.

Zikuan is also getting better after the operation and has already been discharged from the hospital. This time, he has a weight-loss diet plan in place.

A brave child’s love for his father

This 9-year-old boy has shown the world that if you truly love someone, you would do anything for them.

Donating his bone marrow, and gaining weight to save the life of a loved one, is truly bravery on a different scale.

We wish the family all the best, and may Zikuan continue to grow up as a strong, courageous and healthy boy.

Featured image adapted from Weibo and Weibo.

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