2 More Dorms In Jurong & Seletar Now Covid-19 Clusters

Despite the sometimes fluctuating daily numbers of Covid-19 cases in Singapore, the overall figure has remained relatively low in recent months.

Community cases especially have stayed in the single digits, but clusters emerging in workers’ dorms is a pattern we can’t overlook.


In an update today (10 Sep), the Ministry of Health (MOH) declared 2 more dorms Covid-19 clusters.

More cases linked to dorms, forming clusters

As many of us know by now, more cases have been surfacing in workers’ dorms lately, as a result of vigorous testing and surveillance.

With that comes the inevitable result of clusters forming at these locations, as many workers test positive for Covid-19.

One such place is PPT Lodge 1A at 8 Seletar North Link, which has 8 cases.


Another is Avery Lodge Dormitory at 2D Jalan Papan in Jurong, which previously confirmed 9 cases. The 26 reported today makes for a staggering total of 35.


The 26 have also been under quarantine, after MOH identified them as close contacts of previous cases. Mandatory testing proved all positive for Covid-19.

These dorms join a growing list of at least 10 others, including Westlite Toh Guan which contributed 31 cases to yesterday’s count.

Hope for better management of situation there

Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong had recently admitted that the authorities could have managed the outbreak at dorms better.

Having this in mind, we sincerely hope that if there is indeed a second wave of infections, they’ll know how to act quickly this time.

The workers have had to go through enough, from staying indoors to being unable to work and earn an income, so we should be more responsible for their welfare.


After all, they’re just trying to survive like the rest of us, so let’s help them too.

Here’s praying that the dorm situations will be under control, so workers will be safe and can continue earning a living one day soon.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Google Maps.