3 New Covid-19 Clusters Emerge In Tuas, Jurong & Kranji Dorms

3 New Covid-19 Clusters Declared In Dorms That Had Previously Been Cleared

Singapore has seen a commendable drop in daily Covid-19 cases lately, but this may not fully reflect situations on the ground.

While the decrease echoes of fewer dormitory cases, the situation on the ground may not be as rosy.


In an update today (6 Sep), the Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed 3 new Covid-19 clusters in workers’ dorms.

More dorms emerging as Covid-19 clusters

The 3 dorms MOH added to the list are:

  • Cassia @ Penjuru, 15 Penjuru Walk – 13 cases
  • CDPL Tuas Dormitory, 6 Tuas South Street 15 – 17 cases
  • Kranji Lodge I, 12 Kranji Road – 5 cases

The new clusters were identified after efficient contact tracing tracked recent cases to the respective locations.


The 3 dorms join a list of 7 others across Singapore, in what seems to be a re-emergence of infections among workers staying there.

You can view the full list of dorms here.

Majority of new cases were asymptomatic

In the same update, MOH also disclosed that 38 out of the 40 new Covid-19 cases today (6 Sep), or 95%, were asymptomatic.



They only picked these cases up from “proactive screening and surveillance”.

The mandatory screening of frontline workers, incoming travellers and other select groups is therefore crucial in detecting such cases early.

More popular spots visited by Covid-19 cases

The number of places visited by Covid-19 cases is also increasing each day, with popular spots frequently making the list.

Within the last 2 weeks, individuals who recently tested positive for the virus have been to some of these places:

  • Bugis Junction
  • Chinatown Complex Food Centre
  • Geylang Serai Malay Market and Food Centre
  • Suntec City
  • VivoCity
  • Jewel Changi Airport

For a full list of all the locations and the period within which the cases were there, check MOH’s list here.

Not the time to let our guard down

Life may feel almost completely normal now, save for SafeEntry and mask-wearing requirements, but the risk of infection is still real.

We can’t slip up just yet, as the fight against Covid-19 is ongoing, so let’s continue being responsible citizens.

Stay home if you’re unwell, consult a doctor immediately, and visit the same doctor again if you need a follow-up. Stay safe everybody.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps, Google Maps and Google Maps.

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