Drug Trafficker Won’t Be Executed On 18 Sep, After S’pore Court Orders Interim Stay

Drug Trafficker Gets Interim Stay Of Execution Of Death Sentence After Successful Appeal

News of the impending execution of convicted drug trafficker Syed Suhail bin Syed Zin rocked the whole of Singapore.


After lawyer M Ravi took up his case pro bono and shared his heartbreaking letter with the public, many motioned to repeal his death sentence.

The urgency of his call and support from Singaporeans came to fruition today (17 Sep).

High Court orders to stay drug trafficker’s execution

Mr M Ravi shared the good news in a Facebook update on Thursday evening (17 Sep).


After hearing the Judicial Review Application this morning, the High Court has ordered an interim stay of Mr Syed Suhail’s death sentence tomorrow (18 Sep).

The ruling is pending the filing of appeal papers at 4pm, but what is certain is that the execution won’t happen as scheduled.

Lawyer earns respect of Singaporeans

Following the news, netizens took to Mr M Ravi’s Facebook comments section to applaud him for his good work.

Many praised him for his determination and dedication in fighting to save Mr Syed Suhail’s life.


Knowing that the journey has been a tough one, they also wish for him to rest well after putting in so much work at the eleventh hour.

Mr M Ravi had taken up Mr Syed Suhail’s case after the latter sent him a moving letter.


Unable to meet his family members in Malaysia, Mr Syed Suhail dreaded his impending execution.

Case still far from conclusion

Though this ruling is a cause for celebration, the case is still far from over.

The interim stay is, as its name describes, temporary after all, so Mr M Ravi may have more to do down the road.

We hope with the right support and backing, he’ll be able to conclude the case successfully and help Mr Syed Suhail and his family.

What are your thoughts on this case? Let us know in the comments below.

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