Durian Prices Expected To Increase As Rain Will Affect Harvest

Durian lovers, it’s probably time to think twice before splurging on these exotic fruits.

According to 8World News, durian prices are expected to increase as we approach the rainy season.

This is because the wet weather may cause durian flowers to fall off before it can bear fruit.


An East Coast Road durian store owner noted that Mao Shan Wang durians will be priced at around $26/kg and Hong Xia around $12/kg.

Customers can expect juicier & thicker flesh

While the prices are on the higher side, the store owner added that the rain helps give the durians a juicier and thicker flesh.


Hence, durians harvested during the rainy season are expected to be of better quality despite the poor harvest rate.

Durian prices to start decreasing by 20 Dec

The good news is, the price hike will only last for 2 weeks. From 20 Dec, prices are expected to start falling. Durians like Mao Shan Wang should not cost more than $20/kg then.


An Aljunied Lane durian stall owner shared that when the harvest improves towards the end of December, D24 durians are expected to be of better quality.

He added that because D24 durians generally take longer to ripe, the flesh of the durian will turn out very plump with a smaller seed. The durian will also have that strong “pungent” flavour that durian lovers adore.

Despite the poor harvest, this durian stall only marked up their prices by $1-2/kg. This makes it more affordable for durian lovers to indulge in their favourite fruit this season.


Durian season to last till early Feb

8World News then noted that after the price fluctuation plateaus, the durian season will last until early February next year.

So if you’re craving the pungent goodness, you can either pay more to have it now, or wait until the end of December for cheaper rates.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every bite of this fruit king.

Feature image adapted from Shopee Singapore