Travellers Can Buy 1-Litre Less Alcohol Under New Duty-Free Rule, Starting April

Travellers Used To Be Able To Buy 3-Litres Of Non-Duty Alcohol

Travellers arriving in Singapore will only be able to buy 2 litres of duty-free alcohol, down from 3 litres, starting this April.

This was announced on Monday (18 Feb) during the Budget 2019 speech by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

1-litre hard liquor rule applies

Similar to the current limit, travellers will only be able to purchase 1 litre of spirit.

Spirits include vodka, whiskey, and gin. Party-goers will also recognise these as ‘hard liquors’.

Travellers can use the remaining 1-litre allowance on alcoholic beverages like beer and ciders.

That said, travellers still have to fulfill all these conditions to enjoy the duty-free allowance:

  • Be outside of Singapore for at least 2 days, besides Malaysia
  • Liquor must be for personal consumption
  • Liquor must be allowed for import into Singapore
  • Traveller must be 18 years old or above

“Ensure resilience of Singapore’s tax system”

In justifying the new regulation, Mr Heng explained that this move will help to “ensure the resilience of Singapore’s tax system”.

This is especially important since our tax pool “contributes significantly to our fiscal resources”.

Less duty-free savings for alcohol

Duty-free shops at airports and cruise centres are common places to purchase alcohol for drinkers on a budget.

Given the government’s new regulations, duty-free shoppers who currently maximise their duty-free allowance are going to receive less savings for their alcohol purchases.

Will this regulation be enough for you to cut down on your alcohol consumption?

Let us know down below.

Featured image from DFS

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