Woman In Korea Sings Dying Dog’s Favourite Song As It Passes Away In Son’s Arms

Woman Sings To Dying Dog Its Favourite Song, It Nods To Her A Few Times Before Passing

Losing your pet is one of the most hurtful things in the world.

From the day we take them in, we watch them play and teach them tricks, alongside taking care of all their needs. And in return, they’re there to see us through our best and worst days.

Sadly, our furry companions don’t get to live as long as we do. So imagine the pain of this mother and son in Korea, when they witnessed their pet Pomeranian dying in their arms.

“Mama really, really loves you”

The Facebook video, posted last Monday (19 Aug), shows the 16-year-old Pom Pom’s last moments as it drifts away to oblivion – or the Rainbow Bridge as pet lovers like to call it – in the arms of its owner.

Be prepared with tissues if you’re going to watch the video.

Singing the Pom Pom’s favourite song

In the 3-minute 42-second-long video, the Pomeranian pet dog, called Okey, is seen being cradled lovingly in the arms of a young boy.


The mother then sings Okey’s favourite song in Korean. The lyrics goes like this,

Hey Okey, let’s get you something yummy to eat, all right?

Much to their surprise, Okey musters enough strength to respond with a nod, like the good boy he is.


The mother sings this line several times, and Okey unfailingly nods back.

Okey responds a few more times even in final moments

Throughout the first 2 minutes, Okey remains relatively responsive to its owners’ calls. Even as the mother asks questions “can you still hear me?”, Okey nods back in acknowledgement too.

The moment was rather heartwarming, until Okey suddenly struggles to remain conscious. It tilts its head back feebly, and the boy starts sobbing.


The mother tells the boy not to cry, as it will shock Okey. She tries to soothe Okey’s pain by expressing gratitude, thanking Okey for coming into their lives.

“Hey Okey, I’m really thankful to you.”

Boy starts wailing as dying dog passes

In its final moments, the mother ended her last words to Okey on a poignant, heartrending note,

Mama loves you, thank you and have a safe journey. Go in peace, my child.

The little boy’s painful wails at the end tells us the exact moment Okey has left them, with its eyes still open.


So despairing was the moment, that the person behind the recording seemed to have forgotten that the camera was still rolling.

The screen tilts to 1 side, and we see the mother dissolving into tears while caressing Okey’s lifeless form.

Treasure time with your furkids

The video ends with a beautifully moving image of the mother giving Okey a kiss goodbye in its casket.


Okey passed surrounded by its loved ones. And it’s only fitting that it gets a final sendoff in a bed of flowers.

Our pet animals only get to live up to a fraction of our average lifespan. But as long as we cherish and give them the love they deserve in their lifetimes, have faith that you’ll bid them farewell with no regrets when the time comes.

Rest in peace, Okey.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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